14 September, 2012

#NGotB :: New Girl on the Blog - 1



Northern Blunder

Northern Plunder is a personal book blog which was created during October 2011 by Lauren due to her huge love for books, and with hopes to create a space on the web where she can share her thoughts and opinions on books read, provide recommendations and to take part in various book challenges and events whilst also being able to interact with followers and fellow book bloggers. As time passed Northern Plunder has continued to expand to various other reach of the web and also welcomed new co-blogger Nia during June 2012 when they met through a YouTube collaboration.

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Unfortunately, Nia couldn't join us, But we have Lauren here today to answer some of my boring questions.

So Lauren, tell us a bit about the ‘Lauren’ outside blogosphere. What does she do? What are your likes and dislikes?
Other than blogging and reading I also spend a lot of time playing video games with my boyfriend & we also run a YouTube together showing our play through of games with some friends which is always a great laugh for us. I’m also an Art Student so I try and spend a lot of extra time at home on the work we’re given in class to make sure I’m happy with the final outcome, as you can imagine all three of these (reading, gaming and arts) are very time consuming so I don’t often get out much but that doesn’t matter when I’m having so much fun! 

Wow... You sure do have your hands full. When and how did you start blogging?
I’ve been dabbling in and out of blogging for a while I’ve had various ones on tumblr until I finally came around to creating a book blog there during August 2011 - only its more pictures less writing – and once I noticed that there were a lot of people interested I soon moved over here to focus on blogging properly, it’s the first one that I’ve stuck at. Of course there are times that I have to take breaks due to college but that’s why I brought my friend Nia along and we’re currently looking for another reviewer to join us too which’ll be great :D

Can I join in? So why a book blog? 
I think I summed it up a little above but on top of that they also got me through a rough time over the past few years it was nice being able to share my love of books with so many other book bloggers out there especially when I know few book lovers in real life.

Have you ever thought of mixing it up a little bit? Bit of books with maybe something personal or maybe video games or your Art or anything at all?
Every now and then I consider it, draft up a post or two but that’s where it normally stays. I say normally as there is one coming up on Monday where I’ve thrown a few things together that I wanted to talk about that weren’t books.

I would love to see some of your art work. Which do you prefer – Hardcover or paperback or ebooks? And why?
For the past two years I had to take a bus for over an hour to get to my college so I favoured paperback books as the hardcovers where too heavy to be lugging around all day on top of all my art work, recently I’ve been admiring hardcovers a lot more but as I have a lot less of them I think I’ll stick too paperback books. As for eBooks… I have a kindle yes but other than freebies, won eBooks or eBooks for review I won’t actually buy any simply because I find I’m a much slower reader on the kindle, a book that would normally take me days ends up taking an extra week or two, odd huh? I think it’s because when there is a physical copy its staring at me shouting “Read me! Read me”.

I know that feeling very well :) What is it about blogging that you enjoy the most?
The people. Easily, I love communicating with all the other bloggers, readers, authors; I’ve met so many amazing people this past almost year and they’ve been great! I just wish I was able to stop by more blogs than I already do :3

What is it that you think is the hardest part of blogging?
Honestly? It’s the commitment, the getting the schedules just right for you, if you take one day off you’re than day behind. I try my bed to keep on top of what needs to be done when but it a little hard juggling all the things has been mentioned in question one however I refuse to drop any completely because I love them all!

What, according to you, is the best ‘feature’ of your blog? The one thing that anybody visiting your  blog MUST check out?
Wow, tricky question. Its not my feature but I love participating in Bought, Borrowed & Bagged weekly haul because I love talking too all the other girls and finding out about all these new books I hadn’t heard of and every Sunday my wishlist grows by another 10. Its just upsetting that blogger hasn’t inputted a notification system so we know when we get replies to comments, seriously blogger… get on that! However my most viewed review is of The Hunger Games Trilogy.

I am yet to catch up on all your posts but I'll be sure to check out you Hunger Games Review. Do you participate in any memes/bloghops?
I’ve participated in many but only three at the moment that I felt were necessary to keep part of – Wishlist Wednesday, Follow Friday and Bought, Borrowed & Bagged on a Sunday!

Do you keep making changes to the look and feel / layout and design of your blog? 
Yes, I think it’s the art student in me. When I start getting slow on posting I’ll look at the layout of it and know a “spring cleaning” will help get me out of things, I just wish I was more knowledgeable in html and other coding so I could design my own.

I wish I was a wizard in html coding too! Has blogging changed/influenced your reading habits?
Not really, I guess its helped me read more than I used too but I never kept count before so who knows :o

Is there any particular blogger/s that you look upto?
Yes. The girls from Talk Supe and Book Chick City are a few though the list is rather long.

Does your family know about your blog? Are you comfortable knowing that they can read your posts anytime?
Ha. Nope. I think it’d restrict or reform how I was writing if they knew about it, don’t ask me why but I get pretty creeped out at the thought of them reading everything I write or take part it, it is nice having a little area that’s just for me.

I hear you girl! If you could be any fictional character of your choice – who would you be and why?
Such a choice. After much thought Luna Lovegood simply because I’ve always wanted to know more about her and her family and there is no better way that being her, right? 

If you had to read a single book for the rest of your life – which book would you choose and why?
The Stand by Stephen King, easily. It’s a huge book and has great re-readable quality to it, plus with it being so big I’m sure there are little things you’d pick up on each new time you read it with the insight you have from the past read through, does that make sense?

I don't think any of us Stephen King fans need any reason to re-read his books :) Well, It was fun having you on my blog... Thank you Lauren for agreeing to do this.

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  1. Lauren feels like a great person. Going to follow her right now!

    Great feature! Excited to meet other new bloggers :D

  2. Oh I love this!

    I am the same way with my family. I really don't like them reading what I'm writing because I feel even MORE self conscious that I already am.

  3. Thanks for this opportunity :D
    It was great to stop by :3