15 February, 2012


 I have been "Tagged" by Book Prowl !!!

[ Happy Dance is in order and big hug to Book Prowl ]

Here are the tag rules:
1. You must post the rules.
2. Answer the questions the tagger set for you in their post and then create eleven new questions to ask the people that you have tagged.
3. Tag eleven people and link to them on your post.
4. Let them know you've tagged them!

Here are my Answers to Book Prowl's Questions:

1. Who is your favourite author?
Ans: Satyajit Ray

2. Do you like to write as well as read?
Ans: Yes I like to 'write as well as read'. Only I cannot 'write as well as I read' :)

3. What is your favourite love story?
Ans: Time Traveller's Wife by Audrey Niffenegger

4. Favourite book couple?
Ans: Noah & Allie from Nicholas Sparks' The Notebook

5. Do you break the spine?
Ans: I don't

6. Do you fold pages, or use bookmarks?
Ans: I usually finish a book at one go. If the books are too big (over 300 pages) I use bookmarks.

7. What was the last book you read that you really connected with?
Ans: What Happened to Goodbye by Sarah Dessen

8. If you could interview one writer, who would it be and why?
Ans: My favourite author Satyajit Ray ofcourse! I would love to pick his mind about his plots and his characters. Sadly, that's not possible.

9. How many books do you read in a week?
Ans: 4-5 books

10. Do you judge a book by it's cover?
Ans: NEVER!!!!

11. Where do you buy your books, or do you borrow them?
Ans: Both. I actually like to own books and so I mostly buy them from Crosswords book store

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Now, My Questions:
  1. What is it about Books that you love the most?
  2. What is your favourite Genre and Why?
  3. Which was the first book that you had read in your favourite Genre?
  4. Which book are you eagerly waiting for to release this year?
  5. Name your all time favourite character.
  6. If you could suddenly be a part of a story, you would choose to be a part of...?
  7. One book you simply hated!
  8. Which book would you like to see converted into a movie?
  9. Jane Austen or Bronte Sisters?
  10. Wuthering Heights or Jane Eyre?
  11. Do you prefer physical or electronic copy of a book?


  1. Great answers! :) I love your questions as well. I'm glad you enjoyed the tag!

  2. These things are fantastic! I have been tagged in two!

    I am a new follower, found you on Book Blogs

  3. Hi! I first want to thank you profusely for tagging me! This is my second time and it's really fun, although a little nerve-racking to try and find twenty-two people in total to tag!

    My tag post: