23 February, 2012

Tagged Again

I have been "Tagged" again & this time by Kris of A book from a Snowy River !!! 

Thanks & Hugs Kris!!

Here are the tag rules:
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2. Answer the questions the tagger set for you in their post and then create ten new questions to ask the people that you have tagged.
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Here are my Answers to Kris's Questions:

1. How did you choose the name for your blog?
Ans: I wanted to keep it simple and related. So what's the first name that comes to my mind for a Book Review Blog? Well, Book Reviews!!! But unfortunately the blogspot address was already taken. Instead of thinking about something else, I started playing with the name itself and tried replacing few alphabets with similar looking numbers. And viola! b00kr3vi3ws was available! :) I know! Not very catchy or creative... but its simple and it is what it is!!

2. If you could be a character in any book, who would you be and why?
Ans: I would be Sirius Black (would make sure not to underestimate Bellatrix) from Harry Potter or Damon from Vampire Diaries or Balthazar of Evernight Series or... Hold on! the list is too big & I want to have some time left to answer the other questions as well. In short, I usually love one of the supporting characters in the novel more than the protagonist. The characters usually have some shades of Gray in them yet are loveable. And I never wanna be in the female protagonist's shoes invariably they need a Knight in shining armour! I'd rather fill that role myself :)

3. Ever since you started blogging, have you met any authors of your favourite books?
Ans: Unfortunately no. But then I am new at this and I have already come across a few amazing authors whose works I have loved and who have been amazingly good to me.
(Yes, Mr.Huchu & Ms.Egan -- I am talking about you guys! )

4. What is your favourite cover art for a book you have seen?
Ans: I love most of the paperback covers by Penguin Classics. Here's a few others that I like:-

5. Do you have a strict blogging schedule or are you more relaxed? (eg. post 1 review a day, do a weekly meme etc)
Ans: Like I said I am comparatively new. At the moment I do not have a fixed schedule but I am trying to get into one within this month. For instance, I have joined "Feature & Follow" on Fridays hosted by Parajunkee & Alison Can Read. At the moment I am looking around & picking up tricks :)

6. Is there a book you would love to have a sequel?
Ans: I would love a whole new series to be written by J.K.Rowling dealing with the Next Generation of Marauders. Maybe an "Albus Severus Potter" Series. 

7. What is your favourite book to tv series adaptation?
Ans: Thats simple - The Vampire Diaries Series. I love the tv series way more better than the books and particularly love Damon & Elijah.

8. Everyone likes to shop for books differently, do you buy online or spend hours in a bookstore or library?
Ans: Bookstore, Bookstore, Bookstore!!! I just Love Crosswords! They have comfortable seating arrangements in most of their stores. The Crosswords store that I particularly visit also has a Cafe Coffee Day section within the bookstore. They allow you to take a book & read it there over a cup of coffee!

9. Do you prefer reading paperbacks or ebooks?
Ans: Paperbacks all the way. Though these days I read books mostly on my phone (Technology!!), I still love the smell of a book - both old and new. There's nothing like holding a book in your hand and reading it with a cup of Coffee!

10. If you had to write a novel featuring yourself, what kind of character would you play? (eg. leading lady, sidekick, evil villian etc)
Ans: I would gladly play the not so important character - the strong support in form of a friend.

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  1. What is it about Books that you love the most?
  2. What got you started Blogging & Why?
  3. What is your favourite Genre & Why?
  4. Which is your favourite Series that you keep going back to?
  5. Which book would you like to see converted into a movie?
  6. If you could rewrite the ending of any book, which would you choose & why?
  7. A book/series you love to hate...
  8. A book that made you cry...
  9. Do you donate your books or do you save them all?
  10. One thing about Bloggers that is very common & continues to irritate you.


  1. Ah I love your answers! Thanks for joining in :)

    I love Sirius and Damon! They are both my favourite! If the show was to ever kill off Damon, I would scream!

    I would totally love to see Harry Potter continued... ofcourse they would probably have to ditch Harry as the main character and make it a bit different.

    Great choice for adaptation! Vampire Diaries is my fave too! The tv series is easier to understand and follow than the books. Im just glad they havent brought the kitsune into the show.

    I too would play the friend, the main character is always overrated,hehehe.

    Sorry, I just found myself commenting on all your answers, it was really great to read!


    1. Thanks Kris! Since the questions were yours' you can take half the credit!!! :)

      Remember when Damon was almost dying (after being bitten)? I was so frustrated that I kept thinking 'why couldn't it be Stephan instead?'

    2. Omg I know!! I yelled at the tv screaming nooooo, take Stefan!! take Stefan!! hahaha. Obviously, you know that cant kill him, but with the tv series being so different, you just dont know which way they could take it. Are you up to date with the US series?

    3. Am just glad that am not the only one who screams at the tv like a maniac!! :)

      Yes am upto date. Am frustrated with all the breaks in the series. The next episode is almost a month away!!!

  2. Love your answers and questions, we will definitely do it! :)

    1. Let me know when you do it so that I can check out your answers :)

  3. Thanks! :) I'll try to do it tomorrow!
    Btw, the TVD tv series is soooo awesome(Damon❤), and I also loved Sirius.

    1. Thanks Cayce... I'll be sure to drop by!

    2. Done:

  4. Here are my answer.

    You have been Tagged again... It would be great if you could join in, but its completely understandable if you prefer not to. If you choose to answer and do the tag, do let me know so I can check out your answers. You Have Been Tagged at: http://le-grande-codex.blogspot.in/2012/02/i-have-been-tagged.html