07 April, 2012

The Versatile Blogger Award!!

Yeyyiiiii! I got an Award! I got an Award! [Am jumping and singing that in a very off tune J ]
Can't help but feel excited! It’s not every day that I get an award - though would love to!!

So, it’s the very lively and cute Eileen from ***Singing & Reading in the Rain*** who has given me this award. THANKS EILEEN.

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7 Random Facts about ME:
1.     I read at all possible times and places! I read while eating, I read while cooking, I read before going to sleep, I read in my ‘work breaks’… I read paperbacks/hardcopies, I read on my laptop and I read on my mobile phone!
2.     I am totally head over heels about SHAH RUKH KHAN, the Bollywood Actor & SIRIUS BLACK from Harry Potter Series.
3.     I used to be a captain during school days… & I still feel that I was given that position with hopes of controlling me & my Pranks
4.     I absolutely love and adore DOGS – in any form of shape, size, colour & breed! And they know it too – since  even a dog with the reputation of biting everyone (including his master), used to be putty in my hands (never bit me!)
5.     I wish to travel around the world someday – starting with the beautiful country of Italy.
6.     I am crazy about Giveaways! Whether I win or not - love the excitement!
7.     I started blogging to rant about books and to make friends. I feel disappointed every time my posts fail to get some comments L

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