31 July, 2012

#BlogTour :: The Lust Garden by Billy Jolie

The Lust Garden

With her perfectly tousled blonde hair and pink, pouty lips, Gianna Salvani is the girl everyone loves to hate. She has it all - fame, fortuneand unrivaled beauty. But behind the seductive smile is an insecure girl who still grieves for the father she lost years ago. With a controversial new film in the can, and the release of her debut album looming, Gianna ispoised to take center stage. But when a shocking secret leaves her exposed, her fame will bring her face-to-face with a nightmare she never saw coming. Because lurking in the shadow of her spotlight is an obsessed killer with plans of his own for Gianna. Ignited by his first conquest, Gianna's greatest admirer begins a brutal hunt to claim her as the ultimate trophy in a string of look-alike murders. Motivated by envy, he forces himself into her seemingly untainted world and threatens to ruin everything she's built by revealing a hidden tie that binds them. And if you knew his secret, you'd want to kill her too.    

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Billy Jolie graduated from the University of South Florida with a degree in Mass Communications. He lives in the Tampa Bay area. Follow him on Facebook / Twitter / Blog / Goodreads   Follow the Tour 

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Sweet Evil (The Sweet Trilogy #1) by Wendy Higgins

Anna Whitt is anything but normal and she knows it. She can see other people’s ‘feelings’ through the colour of their aura. She feels like a freak except when she is with her friend Jason. Jason eats, breathes and lives music and also has taken Anna into his fold. Around the time for her sixteenth birthday, it is through Jason that Anna meets Kaidan – the HOT drummer with no emotions that she can see/feel. Anna realizes that Kaidan is like her and they take a road trip to go and meet Anna’s father and that is when she slowly discovers about her heritage and who she truly is.

The characters in this book are really swoon worthy. Anna is a sweet girl who had been kept in the dark for a long time by her adoptive mother. But when she finds out about herself she accepts it immediately as she had always known that something was different about her. However, she is not one of those overthinking sissy female leads who moans about how unfair her life is or over analyze every situation. She is practical and always ready to do what needs to be done. Kaidan on the other hand comes across this ‘brute’ – a rude and arrogant. But his strength and integrity of character is unquestionable. But the character I loved the most was Kopano. His strength of character is what makes him stand out in the story. Unlike other Nephs who give in to their demon father’s wishes, Kopano took the chance to stand up for what he believed. He went against his very own nature to do what was right. I love him for that.

I haven’t read about Nephilim before and my reading experience about angels is truly limited. So this book opened a new world of ideas to me – ideas that I truly liked. There were a few moments in the story that seemed like too much of a coincidence or just too convenient or a bit farfetched, still they weren’t anything major. I was able to just think that ‘this is just fiction after all’ and move on. And specifically for that, I would like to give credit to the author’s style of writing. It was so simple yet engrossing that a few bumps along the way did not matter much. Overall, I liked the plot and I am looking forward to the next part in the installment – just hoping there will be bit more action in it.

29 July, 2012

Special Feature :: Interview with Melissa Foster

*** SPECIAL FEATURE - July'12 ***

Megan's Way
2011 Beach Book Award Winner (Spirituality)
2011 Readers Favorite Awards, Winner (Fiction/Drama), Finalist (Women's Fiction)
2010 Next Generation Indie Book Award Finalist (Spirituality)
2011 New England Book Festival, Honorable Mention (Spirituality)

Chasing Amanda
2011 Readers Favorite Awards, Winner (Paranormal), Finalist, (Women's Fiction, Mystery)
2011 Dan Poynter's Global eBook Awards, Winner, (Paranormal)
Top 10 Books of 2011, Pixel of Ink

Come Back to Me
2012 Next Generation Indie Book Award Finalist

An Interview with Ms.Foster

DDS: Tell us a little bit about yourself. 
Everyone knows I love chocolate, but they may not know I’m a fruit and veggie addict. I love being outside and get snarky when I have been inside too long. I’m a hippie mom and let my kids stay up way too late just because I like hanging out with them, and I miss my brothers on a daily basis.

DDS: What got you into writing?   
A passion that was unavoidable. I could not run from the desire to create stories. 

DDS: What was the hardest part about writing?  
It’s really hard to motivate myself to exercise when I’m enjoying my job so much.

DDS: Tell us about World Literary Café (WLC)
The World Literary Café is a literary community built on the premise of giving more than you receive. WLC is where readers and authors unite! We provide education for authors, cross-promotional opportunities, and avenues to connect with readers. Readers will find open chats with authors, free books on a daily basis, and great promotional events. We also cater to bloggers, reviewers, and literary services, bringing connections and promotions, all under one umbrella.

DDS: What’s Women’s Nest all about?  
The Women’s Nest is my labor of love. It’s a community for women from all walks of life. We provide support for each other, share advice, and generally share our days. The Nest is like having a gaggle of sisters who are always there and always care. 

DDS: What would you say is the USP of “Fostering Success”?  
Fostering education for authors everywhere. Fostering Success is the educational arm of the World Literary Café, and it’s designed to pay-it-forward with author education.

DDS: Writing, WLC, Women’s Nest, Fostering Success and you are also on the advisory board for the Alliance of Independent Authors!! And, let’s not forget your personal life. How do you manage it all?
I love controlled chaos. Having grown up with six brothers, it’s all I know. I’m a supreme scheduler, too, so it’s easy for me to keep the pieces of my life organized. I also think I’d be bored without my mind constantly puzzling about something. 

DDS: I bet that there must have been times when it felt a bit too overwhelming. What makes you take on so much and why?  
Yes, there are times that it feels overwhelming, but usually that are when I’m not getting enough writing time in, or my family is being put on the back burner. 
I take on a lot because there are many things I enjoy doing. Helping people is something that brings me great joy, and I decided years ago that I would never be someone who turned others away because I was too busy. There are always a few minutes to answer an email or take a call, and even if I can’t set aside time to review books or beta read for friends, I can help in other ways. It’s also really important to me to help writers understand and spot scams, and understand the ins and outs of this ever-changing publishing world. 

DDS: One advice for bloggers.
Oh, I SO love my blogging friends!! Advice? That’s hard to give, because most bloggers that I know are wonderful at what they do and generous beyond belief. Hmm…. join the World Literary Café’s Author-Blogger connection! The more, the merrier!

DDS: One advice for authors.
Write what you feel. Then put it down and read it in hard copy. Edit and polish until it shines. Hire a professional editor even if it means no Starbucks for six months. Care about the product you are putting forth. Readers deserve quality books. Then… join a writing community. Support will make your writing life more fulfilling.

DDS: Enough of serious talks… tell us 5 Random Funny things about you and your life.
Okay, here goes:
I hate fat free ice cream but eat it because I have the metabolism of a slug
I sleep with a stuffed animal I’ve had since I was five
I only buy character toothbrushes because brushing your teeth should be fun
I love to talk to groups, but hate to be looked at
I believe in ESP

DDS: Quick Choices:-
Fiction or Non-fiction: Fiction
Book or Movie: Depends on the night… Book unless it’s a date with hubby
Beach or Hills: Beach
Dusk or Dawn: Dusk… um, Dawn… Dusk… Dawn… Shucks
Pasta or Pizza: Pasta

DDS: Anything else you would like to say to your readers/fans? 
I LOVE YOU GUYS!!!! Seriously, as I write, I have images of my readers in my mind, pulling my stories forward and guiding them down their paths. Thank you, from the top, bottom, and middle of my heart, for reading my work!! xoxox

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Now for the most amazing news! The Giveaway!
Ms.Foster is offering you 'Buy 2 get 1 free'. Which basically means that if you buy 2 of her books, you can get the third one for free. Just send in your receipts showing the purchase of the two books to: thinkhappygirl (at) yahoo (dot) com
Also, each week during the Special Feature, she will be giving away Signed Copy (US Only) of  Megan's Way and an Ebook (Open Internationally)!! 

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2. If the compulsory entry is not completed properly, additional entries of that person will not count.
3.Following my blog is not an entry option here, but I would appreciate it if you do follow anyway! 
4.The signed copy is US only. So it is open to US Citizens or who can provide us with an US mailing address.
5. Ebook is open to everybody.
6. I will be selecting the winner through Random.org every Saturday and will be sending an e-mail. They have to reply with their mailing address/e-mail id within 48 hours, or I will select another winner.
7.Please do not leave your e-mail id in the comment section.

25 July, 2012

Déjá Vu All Over Again by James Strait

Starting with an account of Mayan Empire the novel piqued my interest from the very first chapter. When Ana, a modern mathematician chances upon the concept of Mayan time loop, she unknowingly embarks upon a journey that would take her on an adventure of a lifetime. She has to face off forces she wouldn’t have imagined going up against. Thankfully that’s where our hero makes his presence felt. Together do they manage to solve the code, cross all the hurdles and finally manage to change ‘destiny’. Read this book to find out…

The premise of the storyline covering the last fifty seven hours before the date turns 21-12-2012 is really interesting. With all the hype over the impending world’s dooms day, the author has made very good use of the general population’s fascination with the expiry date of a certain Mayan calendar. To be very frank, at times I found it overwhelming to keep track of all the concepts, but then that is because of my limited knowledge on this subject. Given the amount of information crammed in this book, it would have been very easy to get confused, but the author has managed to keep it interesting through a certain charm in his writing. There is quite a bit of sexual content in it, so a fair warning! Though at times I found our protagonist larger than life and some of his escapades bit unrealistic, I guess as a part fantasy / science fiction the book is quite an enjoyable read.

The book has action, adventure, romance fused with the essence of fantasy and science fiction. Thus, it would attract a large section of the readers, but I would recommend this book to matured readers with a knack for details and interest in science fiction.

24 July, 2012

Sword of Time (Ancient Blades, #1) by A.M. Sawyer

This is a fantasy novel where in the world and time of science, magic makes its presence felt.

Luke, Bob, Tim, and James are four teenagers whose post-graduation plans in Australia are cut short when the Government accidentally unleashes an ancient evil. An old hermit guides them to a magical portal which takes them to a timeless temple. They realize that it is their destiny to defeat the evil that goes by the name of Kakos. Armed with magical weapons and aided by the likes of Lady For a, they come back to their world and start upon the way of their destiny.

The continuously progressing storyline has everything that a voracious reader can crave for… magic, time travelling, action, drama, romance and lots of twists and turns. There’s not a dull moment. The characters are quite vibrant and readers will easily be able to relate to them. They start off as very loud teenagers looking to have a good time. Their characters develop throughout the story and they mature through the various trials & tribulations faced. The author’s stimulating writing style is something that will grip you from the very beginning. With a little help from the plot, it will manage to keep you on the edge and keep turning those pages till the very end.

Time spent in reading this novel is time well invested. I would like to recommend this book to everyone who enjoys a good fantasy novel.

22 July, 2012

Special Feature :: Come Back to Me by Melissa Foster

*** SPECIAL FEATURE - July'12 ***
"I highly recommend not only this book but this author. This book is a must read, but, it is a box of tissue read. An Awesome Read!!!!" -- Cheryl "Mash" on Goodreads

Tess Johnson has it all: her handsome photographer husband Beau, a thriving business, and a newly discovered pregnancy. When Beau accepts an overseas photography assignment, Tess decides to wait to reveal her secret—only she’s never given the chance. Beau’s helicopter crashes in the desert.
Tess struggles with the news of Beau’s death and tries to put her life back together. Alone and dealing with a pregnancy that only reminds her of what she has lost, Tess is adrift in a world of failed plans and fallen expectations. When a new client appears offering more than just a new project, Tess must confront the circumstances of her life head on.
Meanwhile, two Iraqi women who are fleeing honor killings find Beau barely alive in the middle of the desert, his body ravaged by the crash. Suha, a doctor, and Samira, a widow and mother of three young children, nurse him back to health in a makeshift tent. Beau bonds with the women and children, and together, with the help of an underground organization, they continue their dangerous escape.
What happens next is a test of loyalties, strength, and love.

Raves & Reviews
"...a hauntingly beautiful love story against the backdrop of betrayal in a broken world." 
    - Sue Harrison, bestselling author of Mother Earth Father Sky
"Come Back to Me is passionate, romantic, and moving. A vivid story of loss and hope--a fine read for a wide audience."  - Midwest Book Review
"A story of dark realities and faith in the future--validation of love and friendship--a love story with twists and turns that will keep you reading until the end." - Kaira Rouda, author of Here, Home, Hope
"Enthralling" - Kindle Book Review
"Foster's writing captures the complexity of life, and keeps you flipping the pages until the end--surprising you all the way through." - Kathleen Shoop, bestselling author of The Last Letter
"complex and beautifully written... a unique story of danger, loyalty, and undying love." - Bestselling novelist, Darcie Chan
"Foster's latest novel is in the same league as books written by such authors as Nicholas Sparks, Jennifer Weiner, and Kristin Hannah." - Carrie Green, author of Roses are Red
"Foster's polished style develops emotional impact that will stay with the reader long after the story is done." - Leslie P. Garcia, Author
"Watch out Nicoholas Sparks, here comes Melissa Foster."
  -- P. Martin
"The courage of women--and men--to find love in changing, often dark places, makes Foster's work unusually poignant and memorable." -- L. Garcia

Awards & Achievements

Lesser known Facts 
The original ending was very different. I don’t want to expose the current ending, so I’ll just say the original ending was what the readers were hoping for
Women really do fall prey to honor killings
I have no idea where the idea for coasters came from

Book Trailer


Chapter 1


Suha huddled over the hand-drawn map, wishing the shadows from the candle would stop dancing across the page and thankful that the sandstorm had finally ceased. The cadence of helicopter blades grew closer. She blew out the candle and stared into the darkness of the makeshift tent, fingers clenched, eyes wide, certain that her end had come. Samira and her three children lay sleeping on blankets they’d strewn across the sand, oblivious to the sounds of their hunters. The chopper’s rhythmic thumping passed overhead, then faded slowly into the distance.

Suha allowed herself to breathe once again. She unfurled her fingers from the edge of the thin blankets beneath her, her only cushion from the dense sand. One hand covered her racing heart, the other held her balance. Suddenly an explosion broke through the silence. Suha scrambled on her hands and knees toward Samira.  

 “Have they found us?” Samira pulled her daughter against her side and took quick inventory of her two young sons, both also fast asleep.

“Shh,” Suha commanded. She ran out of the tent and into the black of the desert night, pulling her frayed sweater tight across her plump body. Plumes of smoke rose in the distance. She whispered a fast prayer. Her heart pounded against her ribs as she spun around, looking for insurgents. The distant smell of sulfur assaulted her senses, a smell she’d become far too accustomed to since the beginning of the war. She hurried back into the tent and grabbed a flashlight.

“Suha! No!” Samira said in a harsh whisper.

“Shush. It’s far away.”

“Please!” Samira begged.

“Stay with the children.” In the two months that they’d been on the run, Suha had worn the hat of both mother and father to Samira, and jadda to Samira’s children. She’d never imagined herself as a grandmother, and bore the weight of the responsibility proudly. She would die before letting any harm come to them.

Outside the tent, Suha shivered from cold and fear as adrenaline carried her in the direction of the smoke. A mile away, she estimated. The tension in her shoulders eased. She listened to the darkness—her own panting breath the only break in the silence. A deep, low moan came from her left. Suha froze. She raised the flashlight, illuminating a path on the sand before her and then whipped the light to the sides, behind her. The shelter was nowhere in sight, tucked perfectly behind an enormous dune. She was alone.

Praying that she’d made up the noise in her own mind, she inched toward the west, using her hands to pull herself up a small hill. At the peak, she crouched, catching her breath, straining to hear any sounds; she was met with silence.  She waited until the sound of her heart beating behind her ears calmed. Satisfied that they remained undiscovered, she turned back in the direction of the shelter. The light swept over a dark lump in the sand. Suha gasped, jumping backward and expecting a siege of insurgents to appear. She flattened herself to the dune and thought of the children. Better her than them. She pulled her body up, hoping her shaking legs would sustain her as she moved forward. She’d make her father proud, rest his soul. Gathering courage like a cloak, she lifted the light once again. A man lay in the sand, blood pooled around him, his arm cocked at a painful angle. The physician in her took over, propelling her to his side. Male, early thirties. Pulse. Broken arm and leg. Contusions. Alive. Arabic flew from her mouth, “Hello. Can you hear me? Hello.” There was no response.

Suha rushed back to the shelter, her sixty-five-year-old body aching and heavy. As she flew into the tent, Samira’s eyes shot open, “What is it?”

Suha bent over the blankets, rifling through them, casting away the smaller ones and collecting the longest, strongest ones. Her fingers worked furiously, tying them to two walking sticks as she spat orders, “An injured man. You must help me. Do not wake the children.”

“Man?” Samira moved protectively closer to the children.

“Aagh,” Suha swatted at the air. “Don’t be foolish. I’m alive, aren’t I? He’s American, not Iraqi.” She stood, dragging the crude stretcher behind her. “Come! Now!” she ordered.

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Now for the most amazing news! The Giveaway!
Ms.Foster is offering you 'Buy 2 get 1 free'. Which basically means that if you buy 2 of her books, you can get the third one for free. Just send in your receipts showing the purchase of the two books to: thinkhappygirl (at) yahoo (dot) com
Also, each week during the Special Feature, she will be giving away Signed Copy (US Only) of  Megan's Way and an Ebook (Open Internationally)!! 

1. There's only one compulsory entry to qualify for this Giveaway. Please sign up for Melissa's Newsletter, confirm your subscription & leave us your e-mail id (in the rafflecopter entry). We will be checking.
2. If the compulsory entry is not completed properly, additional entries of that person will not count.
3.Following my blog is not an entry option here, but I would appreciate it if you do follow anyway! 
4.The signed copy is US only. So it is open to US Citizens or who can provide us with an US mailing address.
5. Ebook is open to everybody.
6. I will be selecting the winner through Random.org every Saturday and will be sending an e-mail. They have to reply with their mailing address/e-mail id within 48 hours, or I will select another winner.
7.Please do not leave your e-mail id in the comment section.

21 July, 2012

Maples Rejuvenating Cocktail by Bhavna Khemlani

Meet the four protagonists – Ryan, Ria, Genelia and Miguel. Ryan with a love for photography and a past relationship is in search for answers about his parents. Ria’s world is filled with her dislike for her step-sister and intense love for dentistry. She is comfortable in her life till she meets Shawn. Genelia is a career oriented girl whose time and energy is invested in her studies and future plans. She hardly has time for anything trivial like ‘relationship’. Miguel is similar to Genelia when it comes to career and ambition. Always invested in his career, he discovers the rollercoaster ride of relationships when he meets Alysia. Each of their lives seemed to be full of questions. Different lives, different personalities, different characters and different perspectives… all come together when the protagonists are thrown together at a party. Chance meeting and some sharing of thought, ideals and experience…

The focus of the book lies in the importance of love and relationship. Whether be it failed relationships or new found partners or the ups and downs faced or something totally different. There are a lot of fun elements in this book since it mainly deals with the young crowd. Took me down the memory lane to my college days and the beginning of my career  [well its not very far down for me! Still feels good to revisit those days every now and then.] The thought behind the book is really good and so is the plot. But I found it difficult to read because of the language. Plus there are a lot of pointless characters which made it extremely difficult to keep track of the more important ones.

20 July, 2012

#Review :: The Mayfair Moon by J.A. Redmerski

With an alcoholic and abusive father and childishly needy mother, Alex and Adria are sisters who are pretty much used to taking care of themselves. Though they are very different from each other, they are very close to each other and always stick together. Their life with their dysfunctional family is pretty much disrupted when one evening they witness a werewolf fight. While Alex protects Adria and takes on the effects of the fight, things change for them. The child services get involved and send the sisters off to live with their uncle in Maine.  Once there, Adria is happy to be a part of a normal and happy family, Alex changes. The sisters drift apart as Alex is mostly moody and stays locked up in her room. Then Adria meets Isaac Mayfair, who has his share of secrets too.

This is an amazingly refreshing werewolf story. There are a lot of new aspects that makes it different from the werewolf stories that I have read so far.  Besides the tale in itself, the relationships portrayed in this book are also quite refreshing. The chemistry between Adria & Isaac is really awesome. The background, the setting is also perfect for the story. The dark and eerie feeling that crawls upon the readers is really great – it almost gave me goose bumps. There is also this amazing twist that literally caught me with my jaws hanging open!! All in all, this is a well-balanced and very enjoyable paranormal story that is a treat to all paranoemal / YA lovers.

Oh yes, this is definitely a Must Read!

18 July, 2012

Tiger’s Curse by Colleen Houck

Kelsey planned to work through the summer, earn a bit of money and go back to college at the end of the summer. Her plan seemed to be working fine as she secured a job at the circus. There she forms a bond with the tiger Ren. Her plans start to go astray when Ren is bought by a man from India and Kelsey is given an opportunity of a lifetime to accompany them to India. The offer is simple enough as all her costs were borne by the man who had bought Ren and they even offered Kelsey an opportunity to travel around in India. Once they are in India that Kelsey finds out about an ancient curse that had turned two Princes into tigers and that Kelsey is the only one who could break it.

This novel did not disappoint me. There’s a lot of action, adventure, drama and even romance in it. Kelsey, being the central character, has a lot resting on her shoulders. She is a brave girl who befriended a circus tiger and accepted to do whatever it takes in order to break the ancient curse. She is a no-nonsense sort of girl when it comes to breaking the curse. But when it comes to her personal love life – she really irritated me. Her self-sacrifice was uncalled for and made me want to smack her. Ren a.k.a Alagan Dhiren a.k.a Indian prince is just wow! He is handsome, he is caring and he is daring. But he can be really arrogant too. We also got a sort of ‘glimpse’ of Kishan, Ren’s brother & the second prince and I must say that even in that short glimpse, he has me liking him… But the character that I loved the most is Mr.Kaddam. He is the one person who holds it all together. His level of loyalty to his princes is really commendable. He is expert in researching and has great influence. But I loved the way he treats Kelsey from the very beginning. He has a good heart and I love him for being the cool ‘parent’ figure in this book.

The language is great and so is the author’s eye to details. After Harry Potter, I have finally found a series that I literally want to devour!

17 July, 2012

#Review :: Taking Shots by Toni Aleo

Elli Fisher is much sought after photographer settled in Nashville and Shea Adler is this gorgeous hockey player for the Assassins. They meet when Elli gets the jobs of taking shots of the team. For Shea Adler, it was almost love at first sight. On the other hand, Elli has serious complex regarding her weight. She also has issues from her past relationship. The story deals with how Shea pursues Elli and finally if they get their ‘happily ever after’.

Elli is an average person, like the girl next door – someone we can easily identify with. She used to be a size 2 Broadway star till she fell sick with thyroid. With her increasing weight, she lost her career, her boyfriend and her self-confidence. Though she managed to bounce back, get her weight under control and set up her photography studio, she became conscious of her new size -8. Her relationship too left scars in her heart – as did the sickness on her body. So when she meets Shea, she finds it difficult to believe in him. Shea Adler is a hunk of a hockey player. He has had his share of ‘fun’. But when he sees Elli for the first time he falls for her. As the story progresses, he slowly realizes what she means to him and does everything to win her trust and love. He is a very caring and romantic character. But what stood out the most was his level of patience with Elli. He sure is a keeper!

Though I kind of understood where it was coming from, I often lost patience with Elli’s insecurities. She had been happy and successful in her life when all of a sudden she not only fell sick but also lost everything that she had been working towards. To top that off, an abusive relationship can really cause damage to a person’s confidence level. Even then I felt that her insecurities kind of dragged the story little longer than necessary.  That was the only thing that did not work out for me. Otherwise, the plot is a good one and so are the characters. I particularly liked Shea’s family.

I sure hope that Ms.Toni is going to write Jakob’s story soon...

About the Author

My name is Toni Aleo!
I am a wife, mother, and hopeless romantic.
I have been told I have anger issues, but I think it's cause of my intense love for hockey!
I am the biggest Shea Weber fan ever, and can be found during hockey season with my nose pressed against the Bridgestone Arena's glass, watching my Nashville Predators play!
When my nose isn't pressed against the glass, I enjoy going to my husband and son's hockey games, my daughters dance competition, hanging with my best friends, taking pictures, and reading the latest romance novel.
I love things that sparkle, I love the color pink, and did I mention I love hockey?
I am currently working on Empty Net, and I hope to have it out by November!
I hope to hear from you on here, my Facebook, or my twitter! Thank you so much!

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Ms.Toni Aleo is giving away an ecopy of her awesome book Taking Shots (Assassins #1). What are you waiting for??

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16 July, 2012

Rousing Cadence :: Jess C.Scott

We are celebrating the Release of Rousing Cadence.
Rousing Cadence brought together seven authors across the globe. This is for the first time that published authors and bloggers are coming together and sharing their creativity. It brings forth different thinking and perspectives and unique styles of these authors and is expected to appeal to the wider audience.
Rousing Cadence delivers equal parts love and mystery, adventure and romance with unparalleled quality. Do not be surprised if you get nostalgic after reading few of the Poems. 

Last week, we 'met' Shamsud Ahmed. This week let's meet Jess C. Scott

Interview with Jess C.Scott

1. Tell us a bit about yourself.
My name is Jess and I’m passionate about original stories that are both meaningful and entertaining. That’s true for both my personal and professional self ;)!

2. When and why did you start blogging?
As a teenager, I actually hated blogging, but I later grew to appreciate it as a mode of communication (ironically, my first novel ended up a blog/IM novel). Nowadays I blog to share some perspectives on the things that matter to me (and many others, to an extent). These things usually revolve around writing/publishing/love/life/sex.

3. What got you into writing?
Reading was something I always enjoyed as a very young kid. I guess it was a natural progression to get into writing (it was a creative/aptitude thing that I’ve always had).

4. Why poetry?
Poetry can help a person re-focus. It can be a form of meditation, where a lot of clutter is tossed aside or stripped away to focus on something that’s simple/complex, real/imaginative, mental/spiritual, all at the same time.

5. Who was the first person to read your work?
The first haiku I wrote was probably read by the creative writing teacher (I was nine years old at the time). She was very kind and inspiring—it was a great way for me to be introduced to the haiku poetic form.

6. What are your pet peeves?
Lots and lots of typos...

7. One mistake that every amateur poet commits at the beginning?

I’m not sure that every amateur poet commits one similar mistake. I like to think that the non-amateurs take a certain amount of pleasure/pride in their early (and/or later) mistakes. It is part of one’s artistic and personal development.

8. Why is Rousing Cadence special? 

Because of its energy, vibrancy, and relevance, to fellow poets/writers and readers alike. 

9. What was it like – collaborating with people from round the globe?

I’m always appreciative of the Internet when collaborating with people from round the globe. The efficiency can’t be beat. I like to collaborate with people from different cultural backgrounds because each person brings personal, fresh and unique perspectives to things that matter to all of us.

10. One thing that you want the readers to take away from this book.
An appreciation for poetry and cross cultural connections.

5 FunFacts about you:
#1: I like reading classic books and tabloid magazines.
#2: I haven’t cut my hair in...a while.
#3: I enjoy getting a little bit of physical exercise every day.
#4: I find gardening tiring but fun.
#5: I really, really like chocolate chip frappes (mmm...)

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The Team of Rousing Cadence has come together to offer up a few copies for an absolutely amazing Giveaway. Over a period of 9 weeks they are giving away copies of "Rousing Cadence" ~~ 6 e-copies & 2 Print Copies!! So if you didn't win in the last two weeks, don't loose hope. We still have 6 weeks to go ;) ENTER NOW!!