12 July, 2012

From the Review Pile #10

From the Review Pile is a meme hosted by 
Stepping Out of the Page every Thursday.
The aim of this meme is to showcase books that you've received for review, but haven't yet got around to reading, in order to give the book some extra publicity.

Desert Shadow by Eileen Harris

Paul and Louise Weston are being attacked, their peaceful lifestyle threatened. They can run or they can fight back and try to preserve what they have worked so long to achieve. Fueled by a strong sense of justice, they first stand up for themselves, but quickly the stakes become higher, much higher. Who are these people invading their lives, and what is the strange object they are looking for? Will the mysterious Shadow Wolves be able to help them find the answers in time?


  1. Never heard of this one, but the interesting but vague premise has captured my attention. :)

    Here's my Awhile on the Pile post. Happy Thursday! :D