19 August, 2012

One Lovely Blog Award

I got an Award! I got an Award! [Am jumping around and singing in a very off tune :) ]
Can't help but feel excited! It’s not every day that I get an award - though would love to!!

So, it’s the very lively and cute Vaishali from Cosmuse who has given me this award. THANKS Vaishali!! If you haven't checked out her blog yet then you are missing out something amazing.

Thank and link the blogger who awarded you
Share 7 random facts about yourself
Spread the love by passing the award to other bloggers, and be sure to let them know

7 Random Facts about ME:
~ I read at all possible times and places! I read while eating, I read while cooking, I read before going to sleep, I read in my ‘work breaks’… I read paperbacks/hardcopies, I read on my laptop and I read on my mobile phone!
~ I am totally head over heels about SHAH RUKH KHAN, the Bollywood Actor & SIRIUS BLACK from Harry Potter Series.
~ I used to be a captain during school days… & I still feel that I was given that position with hopes of controlling me & my friends..
~ I absolutely love and adore DOGS – in any form of shape, size, colour & breed! And they know it too – since  even a dog with the reputation of biting everyone (including his master), used to be putty in my hands (never bit me!)
~ I wish to travel around the world someday – starting with the beautiful country of Italy.
I hate posing [or even being an unsuspecting subject] for a photo
~ I usually always add a year when anybody asks me my age!

And here are my fabulous team mates of 'Kolkata Knight Writers' @ Indian Bloggers League. They are all exceptionally talented bloggers who has made blogging & networking even more fun for me in the recent times. So I would like to pass on this 'lovely' Lovely Blog Award to them.

Antara Chakrabarti @ http://whateverihavesaidorsung.wordpress.com/
Apala Sengupta @ http://a-blob-of-ink.blogspot.com/
Arka Swarnakar @ http://myselfarka.blogspot.in 
Atindriyo Chakraborty @ http://www.atindriyo.blogspot.com
Kirti Nemani @ http://versesfrommyheart.blogspot.in/
Mohana Das @ http://insanebloom.wordpress.com/
Nilanjana Bhattacharjee @ http://meetnil.blogspot.in/
Panchali Sengupta @ http://panchalibolchi.blogspot.in/
Santanu Debnath @ http://debnathsantanu1986.wordpress.com/
Sauvik Paul @ http://dreampeddler.in/
Shubham Choudhary @ http://abuginmymind.wordpress.com/ 
Soham Roy @ http://www.great-indian-curry.com
Soumodip Bhattacharya @ http://whimsyfrenzy.wordpress.com/ 
Sudeshna Thakurta @ http://backstabber93.blogspot.in
Vishal Mudgal @ http://sinfulsoulvish.blogspot.com/ 

And Sudeshna Das -- We Miss You. Hope to see you back soon!!


  1. Thanks for the honor, Debdatta :)
    And, so good to know that you're also a dog-lover like me...perhaps these k-9s are the world's most loveable, adorable creatures<3

  2. thanks sooo much!! loved reading about you :) i love SRK too <3

  3. Did I tell you ever that I love you just too much? :*

  4. While cooking? You go girl!

    That's why I love audios. I can listen while I cook.

  5. BTW thanks for accepting and popping by :)

    Your blog looks awesome and I love that you support Indie authors.

  6. You cook? :)
    And I hate SRK :)
    Congrats for the award!