01 January, 2013

2013 Reading Challenge: First-Reads!

Welcome to a 2013 Reading Challenge: First-Reads!

Do you remember the feeling when you read the first book by your favourite author? Yes well, its for that feeling that I have come up with this challenge. Also, there was a time when I would only stick to the books written by authors I had previously read and enjoyed. But soon I realised that I was missing out on a lot other books. So, readers & bloggers, come together to this challenge that will make you pick up books by authors that you haven't read before! You never know, you just might find another author to love and follow.


Points to Know:
1. Read as many books as possible, by authors that YOU haven't read before. 
2. You do not have to be a blogger to participate.
3. Books read may be any form (audio, print, e-book).
4. The books can overlap with other reading challenges.  
5. Post your links to your reviews each month to share with other participants.
6. The challenge runs from January 1, 2013 to December 1, 2013. Its never too late to Join In!

How To Sign-Up and Join In:

1. Choose a challenge level listed below.
2. Create a post on your blog, in a group, or on a forum (where possible) to let others see what you’re aiming for (a predefined list of Authors/Books is optional).
3. Grab the badge and place it in your sign up post. Then link back to b00k r3vi3ws.
4. Grab the direct URL to your sign up post, not your blog, click the Linky List and enter your link.
5. Don't have a Blog? Don’t worry, you can sign up with your social network profile (YouTube, Twitter, GoodReads included), just make sure you link to your review list, shelf, tweet, or category. If you don’t have any of those feel free to comment.
6. Reviewing is optional! But if you do review it would be great for you to share them by submitting them on the Review List.
7. Finished: When you’re done it’s completion post time and you can share these on the completion/wrap-up List.

Challenge Level:
Amateur : Choose to read 1 - 10 New Authors
Lover     : Choose to read 11 - 20 New Authors
Expert    : Choose to read 20 - 25 New Authors
Fanatic   : Choose to read 25 or above New Authors

When talking about this challenge on Twitter, please use the hastag (#FirstReads). It makes it much easier to keep track of the conversations, answer questions and/or tweet back!


If you are a blogger and you decide to review the book, Please Link your reviews to the Linky List for 'First Reads Reviews' at the end of this post. I will promote your reviews through facebook and twitter once you submit them in the Review List.

If you are not a blogger, link up your 'Books Read' under this challenge list (Maybe a Goodreads or Shelfari List) or your progress post with the list of books on a forum or networking site, to the Linky List for 'First Reads Progress Report' at the end of this post. 
Once a month I will update the Top Readers names.

I have committed to Expert level - and chose to read 20 - 25 New Authors in 2013!
My Progress:
1. Bella Andre - The Look of Love
2. Katie McGarry - Pushing the Limits
3. Cate Beauman - Falling for Sarah
4. Sasha Summers - Hollywood Holiday
5. Shubham Choudhury - My Ex Fell in Love
6. Juliet Dark - The Demon Lover
7. Kimberly Derting - The Pledge
8. Mary Metcalfe - Road to Tomorrow
9. Kate Avelynn - Flawed
10. Libby Floyd - Sparkelicious
11. P.G.Bhaskar - Corporate Carnival : Jack is Back
12. Aurelia B Rowl - Christmas is Cancelled
13. James Howe - The Watcher
14. Christina McKnight - Only In Her Dreams
15. Parul Mittal - Arranged Love
16. Jan Moran - Scent of Truimph
17. Bonnie Trachtenberg - Wedlocked
18. Mahi Jay - Falling for a Bollywood Legend
19. Libba Bray - The Diviners
20. Allie Condie - Matched
21. Jeff Struecker, Alton Gansky - Certain Jeopardy
22. Gayle Forman - Just One Day
23. Clodagh Murphy - Frisky Business
24. Ghalib Shiraz Dhalla - The Exiles
25. John Stephens - The Emerald Atlas
26. Lianne Simon - Confessions of a Teenage Hermaphrodite
27. Anand Neelakantan - Asura- Tale of The Vanquished
28. Smita Shetty - Untruly Yours
29. Rebecca Emin - New Beginnings 
30. Sangu Mandanna - The Lost Girl
31. Faraaz Kazi - Truly, Madly, Deeply
32. James Rollins - The Devil Colony
33. J. Cafesin - Reverb
34. Diane Rapp - Murder on a Ghost Ship
35. Roger Hobbs - Ghostman
36. Hugh Howey - Wool
37. Kathy Reichs - Grave Secrets
38. Rishi Vohra - Once Upon the Tracks of Mumbai
38. Sid Bahri - The Homing Pigeons
39. T.G. Ayer - Dead Radiance
40. Jugal Mody - Toke
41. Anthology (10 new Authors) -10 Shades of Life 
42. Arka Chakrabarti - The Secrets of the Dark 
43. George Hamilton - Secrets From The Dust
44. Meg Waite Clayton - The Wednesday Daughters
45. Roberto Costantini - The Deliverance of Evil
46. K. Hari Kumar - When Strangers Meet
47. Amrita Anand Nayak - Polka Dots, Pony Tails and Purple Pouts
48. Anuja Chandramouli - Arjuna: Saga of a Pandava Warrior
49. Nishat Fatima - Seriously Sitara
50. Sarah Ashley Jones - Promise Me This
51. Suresh Taneja - The Redeemers
52. Shatrujeet Nath - The Karachi Deception
53. Brynn Olenberg Sugarman -  Midnight at the Taj Mahal
54. Nikita Lalwani - The Village
55. Lavanya Sankaran - The Hope Factory
56. Maryann Miller - One Small Victory
57. Ketan Bhagat - Complete Convenient
58. George Dixon, Rashma N. Kalsie - Ohh! Gods Are Online 
59. Makarand Lohire - Here Sat a Key Maker…
60. Wendy Owens - Stubborn Love
61. Ravindra Shukla - A Maverick Heart: Between Love and Life
62. Deborah Meyler - The Bookstore
63. Steve Berry -  The King's Deception
64. Eleanor Wood - Gemini Rising
65. Atulya Mahajan - Amreekandesi
66. Abhay Nagarajan - The Paperback Badshah

'First Reads Reviews - Linky'

Please sign up with the Author name & your twitter handle. 
If you do not have a Twitter handle then you Just sign up with the author name & your name.

'First Reads Progress Report - Linky'

Please sign up with the Author name & your twitter handle. 
If you do not have a Twitter handle then you Just sign up with the author name & your name.

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