05 February, 2013

#IndieFever Exclusive Giveaway ~~ February Edition!

In order to make this challenge more interesting for you guys, I have been trying to rope in a few indie authors who would be up for doing giveaways. My idea here is to bring Indie Authors and Readers together. And it is pretty simple. The authors offer a few copies of their books here, in an exclusive Indie-Fever Reading Challenge Giveaway, and the winner can choose to read and review the book in the upcoming month/s. Ofcourse, you don't have to review the books you win in these giveaways, but it would be nice if you did :)

By now you all have received your choice of books from the January Giveaway (if you haven't then please contact me via the comments section or shoot me a mail). I sure hope to see some reviews of those books!

So for February too, I have two authors sponsoring the Giveaway. Before I get into the details, here are the terms & conditions of 'Indie-Fever Giveaway'
1. This giveaway is exclusively for the participants of "Indie-Fever Reading Challenge" on my blog. So, to enter the giveaways/ to be eligible for it, you have to be participating in this challenge.
2.Whenever required, please place your entries under the name you have used to enter the challenge so that I can make sure that the entries are restricted to the participants only.
3.As mentioned earlier, if you win a book, it is not compulsory for you to review it, but it would be nice if you did.

First Giveaway
One of my personal favourite Indie Author is Rachelle Ayala. I have just completed reading her second book (Review coming soon) and trust me she is Good! So anyway, she has been really kind and has offered EVERYONE a copy of her recent release 'Hidden Under Her Heart: A Story of Abortion and Courage'. 

Raped and pregnant, a young nurse seeks justice while wrestling with her decision to abort. 

Maryanne Torres has sworn off sex. Intent on finding a marrying man, she joins a church youth group. A party at her pastor's house turns into a drinking binge, and Maryanne is raped.

Lucas Knight's only concern was winning the Ironman Triathlon until the morning he finds Maryanne unconscious in the church parking lot. He becomes the prime suspect, even though Maryanne cannot identify her attacker.

Maryanne wants justice but the identity of her rapist is hidden in the baby she plans to abort. A trap is set. Lucas races to clear his name and keep Maryanne's secret from drowning her and her baby.

Isn't that just awesome? Well, you'll be getting the mail with book over the weekend for sure, in the meantime - show some love and support! 

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Second Giveaway

Novelist Jennifer Silverwood has offered 3 kindle (mobi files) copies of her novel 'Silver Hollow'. 

Amie Wentworth writes paranormal romances, not because she is looking for a degree in ectoplasm, but because she’s got bills to pay. Ever since her parents’ car crash, she has been led a reclusive life and trusted books more than people. Not even a letter from her long-lost uncle, begging her to visit, gives Amie incentive for anything other than ire – until she is stabbed in an alley and brought back to life by a mysterious stranger. 

After crossing the Atlantic to her father’s homeland, Amie is dragged into the very sort of tale she is used to selling. Silver Hollow is a place of ancient traditions and supernatural dangers, where everything is the opposite of what it seems and few escape sane. 

To make matters worse, the man who saved her life keeps turning up and her would-be-murderer is still at large.
But when she comes face to face with the ugly truth, will she too be sucked into her father’s madness? Or will she discover that madness is just another name for honesty?

Enter the rafflecopter below for your chance to win a copy of this book. Winners will be selected on 27th February. Remember, enter using the name you have used to sign up for the challenge! 


  1. Rachelle Ayala is an author I greatly admire. I've already had the chance to read and review Hidden Under Her Heart, and this is a wonderful giveaway. This book is so good. Five stars from me and my favorite book of hers so far. It is thought provoking, funny, moving... Anyway, just wanted other people to have an idea what they were in for. It's definitely a good read!

  2. Dear Debdatta,

    This is amazing and I absoultely love this giveaway and I think Rachelle Ayala is a very talented writer! This is so awesome!

    Syl Stein

  3. I found your great blog through the WLC Blog Follows on the World Literary Cafe! Great to connect!

    You can find me here: http://lynnthompsonbooks.blogspot.com/

  4. I have already applied. When are the results?