Please fill this FORM to Request a Review.

What kind of books do I accept?
- Mystery/Thriller
- YA
- Contemporary Fiction
- Fantasy / Paranormal
- Dystopian

What I do not read...
- Erotica
- Non-fiction / Self-help

What format do I accept?
- I accept only Print Copies.

How long does it take for me to review a book?
- It honestly depends upon my to-review pile. it can take anything between 4-12 weeks. If my turn around time is longer than that, I usually do not accept review copies at that point.

Where do I post my Reviews?
- On my Blog
- Goodreads
- Amazon.in
I can also post on Smashwords & Barnes & Noble on specific requests

Please make a note that I do not post a review in case I am rating a book 2 stars or less unless the sender wants me to.

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