Special Feature

Dear Blogger / Author Friends,

I have decided to add a new 'Program' on my blog called "SPECIAL FEATURE".

Under "Special Feature" every month I will feature a special Author (who can choose to promote a single book or more). During this month I will put up 4/5 posts about the Author/Book, including Interview / Review / Excerpt / Guest Post / Author Bio / Fun Facts or whatever else we can come up with. Also on the first day of the month we will  launch the Giveaway contest along with the first post and will announce the winner on the last day of the month.

My aim is to focus on a particular author every month. You see, I am not always satisfied by just reading a book. I often like to find out about the author, their thought process and things like that. I figured there might be a few other fellow readers like me who would like to know things beyond just whats there in a book - who would like to know 'More'.

So fellow bloggers Join me every 1st, 8th, 15th, 22nd & 29th of every month to know and explore with me.












  1. I really like your blog! You've given me some fabulous ideas, including this one. I agree. I like to know more about authors and why they write what they write. I'm now a happy follower no matter which reader I have open at the moment!

  2. Hi,
    Reached your blog by following the link on a Giveaway invitation I received. For a new author, this blog looks really tempting. I would love to have my book featured here. I am interested in your Special Feature program. Would you please let me have the details? You can know more about me and my book Dream's Sake at my website www.jyotiarora.com
    Mailto: write2jyoti@jyotiarora.com


  3. Hello,

    I blog at http://1morepageplease.wordpress.com

    I am hosting a feature known as Índia Reads' on my blog.

    Will you be interested in doing a guest post on my blog ?

    If interested,please mail me at 1morepageplease[@]gmail.com


  4. Yeah, I'll have a go!


  5. Hello, I am new to your blog, loving what I see, I am here in the USA, I am a blogger without a blog, if that makes any sense loll.. Anyway, thanks for all you do in sharing with us and I did have the chance to enter a couple of your giveaways, I actually didn't even check to see if I was eligible to enter, but I had fun! anyway :) I also signed up for your email and hope to catch you around on facebook and twitter @tisonlyme143