19 April, 2012

#BookReview :: October Breezes by Maria Rachel Hooley

In the first book itself, we are introduced to the main characters: Skye Williams, Devin Abbott, Kellin Jacobs and Tyler Rutherford. Skye, like any normal teenager, has her own issues. With her father walking out on her when she was a child and her mother's series of boyfriends not sticking around, Skye has problem trusting anybody. The only exception being her best friend Devin Abbott. Warren Jacobs, enters her life as her mother's latest boyfriend and irrespective of her efforts of driving him away, sticks around. As the plot progresses, we see her struggle with her issues, develop a relationship with Kellin and slowly warming up to Warren. Her life is turned upside down at an after-game party and she is forced to make difficult choices. She finds an unexpected ally in Jimmy and works through her feelings for Devin. The book ends with her trying to accept and live with the consequences of her own choices.

The second book starts off five years after the end of the first book and is written from the point of view of Devin. He has been in love with Skye for a long time but due to the circumstances he could never confess it to Skye. He managed to save Skye's life, guides her through her problems and helps her adjust to whatever life throws at them. We also catch a glimpse of Kellin leading us to believe that he has managed to clean up his life. In the end of this installment, Skye and Devin find their happily ever after.

As a reader you cannot help but sympathize with Skye, respect Warren, like Kellin & Jimmy, hate Tyler and absolutely love Devin. Even though the story mainly revolves around Skye, its impossible to not take notice of Devin right from the first chapter of the first book. His love, protectiveness and patience for Skye is bound to touch your heart.

This series of two books touches upon a lot of sensitive subjects. Starting from the relationship between parents and child, the relationship between stepfather and daughter, teenage drinking, rape, abortion and the emotional aftermath of such events. Its a total roller coaster ride as we also see glimpses of love, friendship and fun. Maria Rachel Hooley, the author, has done a fantastic job of capturing all the aspects of life. Her way of story-telling has a natural flow that keeps you hooked onto the story.

This is a must read folks... [Keep your tissues ready!]

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  1. These sound sweet, and like the perfect summer read. Thanks for the heads up on them!

  2. Liked the covers and the story sounds really sweet. I'll put these books on my TBR list.

    Thanks for the review :)