24 February, 2012

The Universe at Your Feet by Graciela Zozaya

This book did not reach you by chance. You have asked for it. Your soul has asked for it and it is for that reason that you are now holding it in your hands. Whatever your position on spirituality, whatever your religious, spiritual or scientific beliefs, the only thing you need in order to understand this book is to have an open mind to receive the information included here, since this message is directed to your spirit, to your soul rather than to your mental understanding. This book crosses that invisible line into what science just can't explain. This is a channeled book and on its pages you will find a summary of questions and answers regarding The Essence, the Universe, Wisdom, Total Conscience, and The Essence of All. The information has been offered by these wise Masters, channeled through Graciela, who has allowed this voice to speak through her.
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At the very beginning of this review I have to mention that I am a big Skeptic… When I was approached by the author to review her book, I wasn’t sure about it. I knew very little about Channeling and even lesser faith in it.
In 2007, Graciela came across box of 5 CDs titled ‘The Law of Attraction – The teachings of Abraham by Jerry and Esther Hicks’ in a bookstore by chance. This was her introduction to the world of Channeling. She even attended an ‘Abraham-Hicks’ seminar. What began as a curiosity, slowly developed into something interesting & attracting subject matter that mother-daughter bonded over. That in turn turned into something more serious and eventually her way of life. Graciela started channeling ‘The Essence’. She became an Interpreter.

In this book, the author mainly deals with the basics – basics about Channeling and the basics of our everyday life. There’s an introduction that tells you more about what to expect from the book and more about the author herself. Slowly, the author delves into further details about ‘The Essence’, facts about the Universe, God, meditation and about how to understand ourselves better. The book also covers about aspects of spirituality & religion. The only thing that the author asks of us readers is that we keep an open mind.

There are two topics in particular that I myself found interesting. The first is about meditation. The book tells us what exactly is meditation, how to do it and also tells us about visualization. Meditation is something that we all need to understand and enforce into our lifestyle. What with the fast paced life that we lead, we hardly have time to stop and compose ourselves. Meditation can help us all in some way or the other. It can help us get rid of the negativity or bring peace or simply give time to ourselves – our body and mind. The other topic that captured my interest was that of homosexuality. There’s so much of noise about it, so many different opinions and even a taboo of sorts in some cases. This is a direct quote from the book about this aspect:
‘This person comes saying: “I am me. Love me as I am or continue on your way, because no one says that I should be or behave according to what you think is normal. What’s more, even if I wished I could change to please you, I can’t”.

I absolutely loved this particular part and I don’t think it is possible to put things forward in a better manner.

In the end, I still am not sure whether to believe in the concept of Channeling or not and I feel it is up to you readers too. It doesn’t matter whether you believe in Channeling or the Essence or not. If you do – you are more than welcome to learn more and try it out yourselves. If you don’t then it’s fine too. You can still read this book because it doesn’t really matter how these messages reach us – what matters are the messages that this book is trying to impart. That nobody is conspiring against you. You can be happy any time you want to provided that you let yourself be happy. That we are all loved and blessed!

If you are still unsure about the book, keep it on your to-read list and read it on one of those days when nothing seems to be going right…

Had I been believer of Channeling or similar concepts, I would have given this book 5 Hearts. But being the skeptic that I am I rate this book as: 


  1. I am so impressed by your candor and honesty, as much as I am impressed by your open mind to read a book about which you feel skeptic. I believe this shows a very professional attitude to reviewing.
    I too am skeptic and question all the time realms of psychic ability and channelling, and yet with Graciela I have a bond and a history of 46 years and I know her to be an ethical and honest individual.
    I also know that when she channels, she is not Graciela, and that acting was not one of her "gifts" although she has many :).
    I am personally fascinated by and fully believe in past lives, I chose The Universe At Your Feet as a way for Maggie to give the readers of The Bridge of Deaths the freedom to 'detach' from past lives if it was out of their comfort zone. Bravo Debdatta on your review.
    M. C. V. Egan
    author of The Bridge of Deaths

  2. I love your honesty in this review and though I am also a skeptic I now want to read this book alone for the messages it is meant to share with me. Thank you! :)