07 March, 2012

#BookReview :: Doxology by Brian Holers

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Have ever read a book that was so good that it left you speechless? If you have, then you know how I feel about this particular book.

The story begins when Vernon Davidson’s dying brother requests him to bring his sons home. At first Vernon seems to be an alcoholic, destructive person who simply has no faith. Slowly as the plot evolves we get to see many facets of his life that allows the readers to understand his psyche. Vernon’s nephew Jody is the second most prominent character in the novel. Though both Vernon and his nephew had their own grievances, on the surface, Jody seemed to have handled his life better. But has he? Both, uncle and nephew are forced to stop and confront the truths and lies of their own lives and how they manage and cope with it all.

Written from the point of view of both Vernon & Jody, this is a story of three generations tied together by love, loss, abuse and redemption. The blood ties depicted through the Davidson family is really amazing. Also the author has done a brilliant job in building and portraying the characters in this novel.  They all seem very real instead of fictional or larger than life. Striking language of the story painted a vivid picture in my mind. It was almost like watching it all happen in front of my (mind’s) eye! Also, the author’s sense of humour has added to the flavor of the story.

But what I loved the most about this book is the Emotional quotients portrayed throughout the book. Call me a feminist, but I have never read anything so ‘emotional’ written by a man. No offense to all the other male writers, but somewhere down the line, I find that they are usually unable to tap into emotions as well as the female authors do. But Brian Holers has managed to break through that and has captured the true essence of emotional ties/bonds that make a family.

This is an amazing book! Looking forward to reading more from this author.

P.S: I am researching ‘Southern Accent’ so that I can ‘read’ the dialogues better when I read this book a second time.

Disclaimer: I received a free e-book from Novel Publicity for review purpose. Beside that I did not receive any kind of payment or benefit from the author or the publishers for reviewing this book.