23 March, 2012

#BookReview :: I am Dirty: I Need Washing by Shamsud Ahmed - #Poetry

Catchy name isn’t it? I thought so too… Usually, I can guess what a book is about by its title… but in this case I started off blindly as I had no idea about what to expect. 

The book contains 32 poems on different and diverse topics. From simple to complex, from abstract to intense – this one book has it all. Each explores a different avenue of love, life and loss. The title poem, “I am dirty; I need washing” reminds us that nothing is for forever – whether be it good times or the bad ones. “The Tombstone Verse” & “Epistemology” reminds us to live in the moment. My personal favourites are “Loss”, “Back Home” and “I am dirty; I need washing”.

The great thing about poetry is that it is always open to the reader’s interpretation. Everybody learns something different from one single poem. And, so maybe my interpretations of the author’s work may not be what he intended to portray and it may not be what you make out of his work. But one thing I can guarantee is that you can’t help but love his work.

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