28 March, 2012

#Interview with Lydia E.Brew, #Author Ungolden Silence

Ms.Lydia Kindly agreed to be interviewed by me as a part of this tour and I am sure excited to know more about the book and about her. So without any further delay, here's the interview:

DDS: Tell us a little bit about yourself.

LEB: I grew up in Houston, Texas in the 1960’s and 70’s. I attended special education classes. When I went to Jr. High, I attended regular classes. I had a portable typewriter and that helped a lot. I graduated from high school and attended a special campus of Victoria Junior College. It was an old hospital with one room. People came to class on stretchers. I graduated from Texas Southern University with a BA in Journalism.
I started Lydia’s Educational and Charitable Organization (LECO) to encouraged youth to identify and write about positive role models.

DDS: What got you into writing?

LEB: I was fourteen years old when I walked into the office of Doctor Edith Irby Jones, the first African American to graduate from the Arkansas School of Medicine. Her wall was filled with awards, and citations, I knew before I met her that there was a story behind those walls and I wanted to tell it. I eventually wrote her story and one of my professors published it for me.

DDS: Tell us about your recent release.

LEB: Ungolden Silence will explore the world of rape and expose the myths through articles that are based on facts. The main question that needs to be answered is why one human being would rape another human being. These reasons are explored in a compelling story that will make the reader ask questions.

DDS: “Rape” is a social menace. What made you write about this particular topic?

LEB: I love drama. In the summer time I watched the soaps and I love to daydream. I always make up different dramas that I put people that I knew in the situations and it was entertaining. When I started Ungolden Silence I knew that I wanted a drama type story. I guess I wanted to show that disabled people can handle serious things. I did not want a person in a wheelchair who could speak plainly. Elaine’s disability is based on mine. I wanted the disabled character to be a part of the story, not all of it.
I began to notice that every crime victims’ names were given with exception of rape victim because they need their privacy. A good example is when Elizabeth Smart was on a talk show. The host asked her about everything but the part where she was raped, saying it was private. I thought about that and realized that society thinks that rape is about sex- it is not. It is about power and control. Smart was kidnapped and raped – she did not run away with her

DDS: What was the hardest part while writing this book?

LEB: The articles were the hardest because I had to do the research. However, I think they what made the story different. When I made the main rapist a highly respected community leader, I thought that I was way off base. I found through research society stereotyped the rapist they are people who look just like us. The most surprising fact I found through research is that society really does not know what rape is. Can a woman rape another woman? Yes. Rape is not about the male sex organ penetrating a woman or man’s private area– it is anything that is not wanted in that area. Rape is about power not sex.

DDS: Would you participate in “Slut Walk”?

LEB: No. Society is stereotyping a woman when she is call a slut. I don’t think anybody would admit to being one much less go on a walk.

DDS: What are your writing pet peeves?

LEB: Editors! Let’s see an editor is trying to take something out of the story and the author has to fight for it. One thing that I learned in literature it that the author is the god of that story/book, an editor needs to make sure that the grammar is correct. The editor may suggest some things, however, let the author be in charge, it’s his story.

DDS: Who is your personal favourite author?

LEB: Reshonda Tate Billingsley

DDS: What is your favourite genre and book?

LEB: I read all types of novels. I can’t say which my favorite is.

DDS: Tell us three random facts about your book that you have not mentioned anywhere else.

LEB: The first fact is that when a person is raped the people around the person are affected as well, and they need to be able to talk about it. Secondly, the offender needs to be dealt with. Either the offender is mentally ill or needs to be put in jail. Rape is a crime, not to report it or any other sexual crime is criminal. The offender will offend again. Silence of the victim is a good tool for the offender. Third, the youth must be educated that they can say no to sex. They need to understand how to protect themselves against sexual crimes.

DDS: What do you hope readers will take away from this book?

LEB: Society needs to stop allowing sexual violence to have the privacy that it has. We need to realize that crimes are being committed and not worrying about if the names of a victim. When a person is murder the name is given the second that the family is told. Taking a person’s life is the ultimate violation isn’t it?

DDS: What’s next?

LEB: I am working on a family saga, and it will be a century long soap opera.

Well, I do not know about you, but for me this was a learning as well as charming experience for me. I will be following her throughout the tour. Will you be Joining us?

About the Book

Ungolden Silence will explore the world of rape and expose the myths through articles that are based on facts. The main question that needs to be answered is why one human being would rape another human being. These reasons are explored in a compelling story that will make the reader ask questions. Beatrice James wanted to take her co-worker Elaine on her first professional trip, she had to convince her employers and Elaine’s parents that she wanted to take Elaine on the trip. Elaine was in charge of the campaign. 

Thomas Paige is a well-respected community leader, however, there is whole other side of side of him. The man can be charming when he needs to be and that is why he can get away with sexually harassing and raping women. He began to harassed Beatrice did not want Elaine to have to deal with it. Beatrice did not want to deal with the fact that she was being sexually harassed.

When any crime takes place, the families of the victims as well as the criminal are involved. Ungolden Silence will illustrate that the criminal is a real person, and rarely does he commit crimes just for the fun of it. 

It is important to know that rape is a part of violence. Through the characters of Ungolden Silence it is hoped that society will begin to find a way to eliminate the acceptance of violence, which includes the act of rape. 

It is through Beatrice, Elaine, and their colleagues that Ungolden Silence begins to explore the world of rape. Each of the main characters discovers what he has believed about rape and violence is not entirely true. A good example of this is when the firm’s secretary is told what happened on the trip. She discovered that some things that she was told when she was young was a myth. 

Through all of the characters, Ungolden Silence offers an alternative to the everyday acceptance of violence. When it comes to rape, it tells us that the rapists are human beings and there is a way to curb the crime.

What does the author wants the reader to take away is that the story is about a woman was rape while she and her business partner was away on a business trip. Her business partner is disabled but that is an important part of the story. However, it is not the main story.

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