14 March, 2012

#BookReview :: The Phantom Pilot by Ann Swann #ChildrensBook #ShortReads

After losing both her parents and grandmother, 12 year old Stevie lives with her ‘Gramps’. To have something to write to her best friend, who recently moved away, Stevie decides to venture into the haunted Taylor house. That’s when she ‘stumbles’ across the cute boy from her class, Jase.

Jase sees Stevie walking into the Taylor house alone and follows her. He feels that Stevie was ‘very brave’ and asks her for help. Ever since a small plane had crashed into Jase’s backyard, he had been haunted by the ghost of the pilot. Jase & Stevie together with Billy Bob works toward finding out what the Phantom Pilot wants. Why does he keep haunting Jase? Why does Lady, Jase’s Shepard, always disappear with the Phantom? And, why is Stevie attacked by the ghost when he never hurts Jase?

The plot is set in the sixties and the author has done a beautiful job in setting the backdrop of the story.  The characters of Jase, Stevie and Billy are lively. They are average 12 year olds – sometimes being the kids that they really are and sometimes being more matured than their age! The supporting characters of ‘Gramps’ and ‘Mr.Pearcy’ also adds something to the novel, highlighting the author’s capability of painting her characters beautifully.

Though overall I loved the story, I thought a few things didn’t really fit in. Some things like the ‘jelly rain’ or Mr. Pearcy’s response towards the end were like the dull spots in a really bright painting. However, since this is a fast paced, Novella length story, it’s a good read for your tea-break or would make a great bed-time story too!

Review Copy received from the Author

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