05 April, 2012

#BookReview :: Chrysalis Chronicles - The Eyes of the Desert Sand by Edwin Wolfe

“Shnickyrooners and things like that…” A thirteen year old Ethan Fox is different from his friends. He loves to play outdoors unlike his friends who are always glued to their videogames. But the difference doesn’t end just there. Ethan also has no personal memory of himself before the age of eight! He writes mysterious poems in his sleep and Vampires try to kidnap him!!

He has a distinct feeling that his parents are trying to hide something from him but puts it out of his mind temporarily when the FOX family decides to take a break and visit a carnival near the beach. But strange things seem to happen wherever Ethan goes. First he meets a girl, Haley Hunt, with whom he feels a strange connection. Then while exploring the beach with her, Edwin sees a blue rabbit and falls into a Rabbit whole only to discover a whole new world!

As Ethan discovers a new world, where he is famous, we the readers discover it alongside him. A world where vampires, shape shifters, leprechauns, grumplings reside. A world where flowers dance in moonlight, beanstalk is real and plants have to be kept in a pen because they keep changing their places. Also this is the world where Ethan discovers more information that enforces Ethan’s initial doubt that his parents are hiding something. It would be interesting to see how the plot unfurls in the coming books as I personally want to know more about Haley!

Different characters of Ethan, George and Betsy Fox, Haley, Irvin, Gruggins are complimentary to each other. While some help keep the intrigue in the plot, some add to the seriousness and some are simply hilarious! I love reading Irvin’s random ranting. In fact, after finishing the whole book, I went back to read Irvin’s garbled words over again!

(Note: I started off with “Shnickyrooners and things like that…” because it’s Irvin’s signature beginning to one of his ‘normal’ monologues.)

It’s an exciting journey to take because the Chrysalis Chronicles is an enchanting world of its own. It is like Alice in Wonderland meeting Harry Potter. The unique characters and intriguing plot weaves a magical tale that draws in its readers. 

Review Copy received from the Author

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