25 April, 2012

#BookReview :: Deadly Reunion by Amy Manemann - #CozyMystery #WomenSleuths

Taci Andrews is an investigative journalist for Riverdale Times. Though she has almost zero happenings in her personal life, there’s a lot happening around her that could make anyone feel a bit overwhelmed. A much dreaded high school reunion, a high profile ‘missing child’ case and a missing colleague isn’t enough. Her ex-flame reenters her life too!

The characterizations are amazing. Taci is a brave, smart, witty and yet sarcastic person. I loved her from the very first moment. Toni is simply great and I might have tried to compete with Traci for his affection, but then Traci and Toni are simply superb together. [Also the fact that Toni is a fictional character might have something to do with me not actually chasing him ;)]

The plot had really great potential which I feel was not completely explored. Things could have gotten a bit more dangerous perhaps? Also, I felt that the characters often had their priorities in a very wrong order. But overall, this is a fast paced romantic thriller with action, drama, suspense and comedy. It is worth a read and quite enjoyable.

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  1. It's so important with great characters in a story, and it really sounds like this has some. Don't think I've read a romantic thriller before so perhaps this will be the first one.