06 April, 2012

#GuestPost :: The Flush by David Grant

David S. Grant is the author of ten books including “Corporate Porn”, “Bleach|Blackout”, “Hollywood Ending”, and “Rock Stars”.  His latest novel, “Blood: The New Red”, is now available.  David lives and writes his weekly rock, travel, and NBA columns from New York City.  For more information go to http://www.davidsgrant.com  Twitter: @david_s_grant 

The Flush

The flush is not bathroom humor, but rather my way of meeting deadlines and managing my projects, leaving me with more time to write.  For me personally, I am always working on new stories as well as contributing to websites and magazines.  Oh, and don’t forget the promotion and marketing.  For the writers out there, you know this takes much more time than the actual writing.  Writing for me is NOT my full time job so I needed a way to organize, prioritize, and reduce the stress associated with an overflowing to do list. 

The methodology behind it is simple: FLUSH it out of your mind.  In other words, write it down, everything.  This includes story ideas, general observations, character descriptions, and your general “to do” items.  All you need is a notebook (or writing app on your computer, iPod, tablet, etc…).  Once you’ve flushed out everything your mind is free to focus on highest priority items and also think of new ideas, hopefully story ideas for future writing!

You will need to organize your notes and thoughts into categories.  I use the following: First, a general category for random notes.  I will reference this once I begin writing or am looking for new ideas.  Second, is your story area, these are notes specific to a story you are working on or an idea.  Finally, I have my own to do list.  This includes all of my promotion columns due, reminders to promote, and deadlines to stay on track with other projects such as a novel.  One warning, do not be too specific, remember this practice is suppose to reduce time spent, not create more work trying to figure out where to log your brilliant ideas.  Also, try to keep everything in one place, having to transfer or merge notes is time consuming and you may lose content through the transition.

With my version of The Flush I am able to begin writing when I want and I have my ideas as well as general notes at my finger tips.  As with organizing my thoughts, I will write the first draft without worry, referencing The Flush when needed.  After all, even if I don’t like what’s on the page once I’m finished, I’m still a couple steps ahead from where I started.

Life is full of “to do” items, writing just adds to this.  Writing shouldn’t be a struggle or bring on anxiety.  Embrace the process.  Flush it and love the journey of writing! 

Blood: The New Red begins at an after party where Mickey, and ex-adult movie star turned supermodel, is aligning himself with one of top Designers of Seventh Avenue.  While trying to land a job on the runway Mickey is thrown into the center of a scene where sex is often the motivation, the wine is served by year, and cocaine is back in full force.  Juanita, Mickey’s girlfriend is having difficulties staying sober, fully clothed, and off of her famous boyfriend. 

Mickey goes to work for Fashion icon Paul Johnson, one of the two top Designers in NYC.  The other is Sandy Johnson, another Designer who will stop at nothing including murder to guarantee victory.  A runway exhibition has been scheduled for the two to compete in and find out who truly is the best Johnson.  Mickey will be Paul’s top model, and Sandy has found a homeless person nicknamed Kung Fu Master to show his line.  

In addition to getting his new line in place, Paul Johnson is also buying chain saws, the louder the better, to put the special in this special event.

Did you know that you can’t be sentenced to prison if actively seeking help at a mental facility?  Paul Johnson knows this.

Somewhere between the girls, counting Vicodin pills, and show preparation Mickey has grown a conscience and no longer likes what he sees.  He believes (and his psychiatrist agrees) that he has the power to change what’s happening around him.

Days before the show Kung Fu Master turns up dead and there is an attempt on Mickey’s life.  After a brief period of unconsciousness Mickey is back, is told that Juanita and brother Cheeks are now also dead and that he must continue with the show.  After all, what would Steven Tyler do?

The night of the show is laced with celebrities and models on the runway as well as one particular popular day-time talk show host that may or may not be murdered on the runway.

In the end only one Johnson will walk away, although this is temporary as Mickey has the last word.

Right before he pops his last Vicodin.

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