30 April, 2012

#BookReview :: Raising Abel by Carolyn Nash

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The first word that comes to my mind about this book is “Amazing”. There is truly no other word for it.

Being human, we all have dreams & hopes for ourselves and visions of how our lives should be. Sometimes those dreams come true and sometimes they don’t. Carolyn Nash was an ordinary woman like you and me, with her own set of dreams & regrets. One of Carolyn’s regrets was that she did not have a child of her own. This was something she could remedy. She adopted a child who came from a family of parental abuse. This book deals with her journey there on. Dealing with a child is no ordinary task and it gets even harder when the child is dealing with PTSD. Treatment, medicines and therapists become a lifestyle for Carolyn and Abel. Raising Abel also in many ways forces Carolyn to come to terms with her own life and issues.

Often while reading memoirs or autobiographies I question whether the author has been completely truthful? Has this person been honest about his feelings and reactions? But in this particular case, I have no doubt. The author has been able to connect with her audience so well, that I felt that I knew her personally and was able to feel what she felt!

This is sad at places but mostly a heartwarming story that I would recommend everyone to read.


  1. sounds like a good read! new follower, would love a follow back


  2. Thank you for your wonderful review. It absolutely made my day.

    Carolyn Nash

  3. reading this review gave me that old familiar feeling of having discovered a wonderful author. thanks