16 May, 2012

#BookReview :: All He Saw was the Girl by Peter Leonard

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I can, in no way summarize the plot better than the summary from Goodreads. Those few lines tell the tale very well.

The story starts off in Rome with two students who are out to have fun. But their fun night quickly turns into a nightmare that they have to live through. Chip is pulled out of trouble by his all too influential and wealthy father. McCabe on the other hand lands himself into further trouble all because of his loud mouth. He is mistaken as Chip and is kidnapped by mobsters and lured into a web of lies and deceit by a sexy vamp. While in Detroit, Ray, a secret service agent is close to discovering his wife’s affair to a mobster. We discover that both the incidents are connected when Ray goes in search of his estranged wife. Sharon’s mobster boyfriend is also involved in the kidnapping of McCabe and thus leads Ray right into the middle of it all.

This is a fast paced, action packed novel that keeps you turning the pages with hope of trying to figure out what is going to happen next. With strong and well developed characters, engrossing plot and great narration – this is a must read for all the thriller enthusiasts out there.


Sharon was thinking, who was this guy lived in a five-thousand-square-foot house – not that his taste was any good – on Lake St. Clair, had nothing but leisure time or so it seemed? 
He called her four, five times a day, said, “How you doing?” 
And Sharon would say, “Same as I was when you called fifteen minutes ago.” 
“Baby, I miss you. Tell them you’re sick, we’ll go to the casino.” Or he’d be at the track or a Tigers day game, he’d say, “I gotta see you. Take the afternoon off, I’ll send a car.” 
She’d been going out with him for three weeks and it was getting serious. They’d meet at noon, check into a hotel a couple times a week and spend two hours in bed, screwing and drinking champagne. It was something, best sex she’d ever had in her life. He did things to her nobody had ever done before. She’d say, where’d you learn that? And he’d say, you inspire me, beautiful. The only bad thing, he called her Sharona, or my Sharona. Everything else was great so she let it go. 
They’d take his boat out on Lake St. Clair and she’d sunbathe topless. Something she’d never done in her life and never imagined herself doing. She felt invigorated, liberated. He always told her she looked good, complimented her outfit. Showered her with gifts, bought her clothes and jewelry. She felt like a teenager again. They’d meet and talk and touch each other and kiss. She was happy for the first time in years. She had to be careful. Ray, the next time he came home, might notice something and get suspicious.Why’re you so happy? she could hear him saying – like there was something wrong with it. 
But this relationship with Joey also made her nervous. Things were happening too fast. She was falling for him and she barely knew him, and she was married.

Son of Elmore Leonard.
Peter Leonard lives in Birmingham, Michigan with his wife and four children. He is a partner in the ad agency Leonard, Mayer & Tocco, Inc.
Peter Leonard’s debut novel, QUIVER was published to international acclaim in 2008, and was followed by TRUST ME in 2009, and VOICES OF THE DEAD in 2012.




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