03 May, 2012

#BookReview :: The Lady and the Warrior by Beth Trissel

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This is my first time reading Beth Trissel's work and so I had very little idea about what to expect. Also, this is Beth's only novella. I think it is a perfect choice for someone like me to get a taste of an author's writing style.

Its about 18 pages and so a very quick read. Its perfect for your lunch/tea breaks and also for a change in between two novels.

The storyline could be tagged as 'stereotype' - since its all about a girl in trouble, a tall-dark-handsome guy coming to her rescue and them falling for each other. But then working within that formula, the author has managed to put a lot emotions which in turn make you feel with and for the characters. Also, what's amazing is that the author has managed to pack in a complete love story with much details within those few pages. A little background on the characters and little romance - Perfect!

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  1. Sounds interesting thank you for sharing this author.