06 June, 2012

#BookReview :: Firefly Beach by Meira Pentermann

Loss and monumental changes in Beth’s life makes her decide to start a new life far away from her current life. She moves into a small town in the coast of Maine. Renting out a house and setting up a deal with the local antique store to sell her paintings, Beth is prepared to give a new start to her life. But she has no idea that a ‘firefly’ is awaiting her arrival and that she is in for an adventure that is about to take her on a heart wrenching journey that will force her to face the demons in her own closet.

The plot is quite unique. It is mysterious at time and at times it is simply heart wrenching. Either way, it keeps such a hold on you that it was quite difficult for me to not finish the book in a single sitting. I found myself mumbling advices to the characters and I so wanted to reach out to Katherine and help her with her decisions. The language and style of writing is another factor that eases you into the story pretty comfortably.

The author takes us on a wild ride with her varied set of characters. On one hand we have a middle-aged Beth trying to rediscover herself through her love of painting. On the other hand, we have Katherine, a typical teenager who rebels against her very smothering father. Then we have Mary and Abigail, somewhat typical ladies from a small community running the only inn in the town. And what do I say about Kenny? The reserved and intriguing characters with a history… Even Rod Thompson will finally manage to surprise you. I loved each of the characters in this story who played an important part in making this novel what it is.

Overall it is quite an enjoyable read and I would surely recommend it!

Review Copy received from the Author

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  1. great riview..iam enjoy while iam read..
    putting it in my TBR.
    thanks ^^