16 June, 2012

Shadowland by C.M.Gray

I had finished reading this book quite some time back. But for some reason when it came to writing the review, I kept on procrastinating.

The story is narrated by Usher Vance. Prompted by his friend, Usher, the master story-teller begins to tell the tale of his childhood. The tale starts as a normal story of two teenagers, Usher and his friend Calvador, enjoying their lives but soon takes a dark turn as they are attacked. They somehow manage to survive a pack of wolves and an army of ruthless warriors. However Calvador’s sister is not that fortunate and is taken captive. They decide to take on a journey that was aimed at rescuing Calvador’s sister and on the way they make an unexpected ally. Soon they are find that they are a part of something huge and sinister and that they each have a crucial role in the destiny of the whole of British Empire. All they have to depend upon is each other with the archer and a prophecy as their guide.

This is an amazing tale. We all know about King Arthur and his many tales. But this particular story tells us about his father and how he came to be. There’s enough of action in the story to keep you involved in it. And the author has certainly done an amazing job of describing the dark days of that age. There’s something mystical about the story too!

Overall it is an amazing read for any historical fiction lover.

To know more about this Book and the Author Click Here for my Interview with him.


  1. Arthurian legend and stories related to it has always fascinated me and the review of yours makes me eager to read this book too.

  2. I love reading books about my birth country's history so I have added this to my wish list