07 July, 2012

Amazing Giveaways!!

This month I am Featuring bestselling author Melissa Foster! She's written THREE great books and she's hosting giveaways EVERY week! She is also on a Blog Tour at the moment. Info:http://bit.ly/IMalGV Amazon page: http://amzn.to/rrYSPA


All three novels in Heather McCorkle's Channeler Series (The Secret of Spruce Knoll, Channeler’s ChoiceRise of the Rector) will go toward a new, fantastic charity. You may have heard of it (say maybe if you're a Vampire Diaries fans). It is the IS Foundation which stands for Ian Somerhalder Foundation (yep, the very one from Vampire Diaries)! To get off to a great start, Heather is holding an amazing Giveaway on her blog! Please drop by there and spread the word...
For more info:

***Singing and Reading in the Rain***

Eileen from ***Singing & Reading in the Rain*** is holding a Follower Appreciation Giveaway. One Lucky winner will get to choose from a list of 28 books. All latest and highly anticipated books. Awesome right? CLICK HERE to participate.

Celise Winters a.k.a Sophia at Incandescent Enchantments is holding a celebratory Giveaway. 2 very lucky Winners will have an option of choosing from 12 books! What an amazing giveaway. So CLICK HERE to go to the giveaway now!!

Soumi of Pages from my Thoughts has an Exclusive Interview with Jennifer Bosworth & an International Giveaway of  a Signed copy Struck on her blog.  So CLICK HERE to go to the giveaway.

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  1. Aww thanks for blogging about my giveaway! :) All these other giveaways look AMAZING too! :)