11 July, 2012

Nette by Barbara Rayne

Nette was born with brown eyes in a society where females have blue eyes and males have brown eyes. Scared about how the society would react, her parents keep her hidden till one day Nette is involved in a drowning incident. Though she is thought to be dead, Nette actually survives in a bubble till she lands in a village where her grandfather identifies her. She learns to speak & write and finds out that the king had murdered her parents. Immortal Nette, also finds out that she has been prophesized to be the queen. Soon she starts training in combat in order to survive and fulfill her destiny.

Nette… Nette… Nette… That’s all I can think. She is a really strong character that in a way overshadowed everyone else. The amount or hurt and betrayal that she faced throughout the novel is really appalling, yet she emerges as an even stronger character. She doesn’t complain or moan about how unfair her life is. She takes on disappointments head first and then moves on. And since the story is narrated by Nette herself, I loved knowing what she was thinking at any point.  I loved this girl for being so strong. Never waiting to be rescued or pitying herself – Nette is self-sufficient and no nonsense sort of girl. I could perhaps go on for pages writing about her. She is really one of the toughest girls I have ever read about and I love Barbara for creating her.

Once you get past the first few chapters, this book really starts to grow on you. The characters are all very strong in their respective roles. Besides Nette, I also liked Raul – the prince charming of this story. The way he supports Nette right from the word go is amazing. There’s a lot of action, drama, betrayal and even some romance. The writing style of the author can be called ‘different’ in the sense that she had the pace set very high right from the beginning. And I do not know if it’s only me, but I also found a lot of questions left unanswered with regards to a lot of other characters in the book. They are nothing major that could influence the overall outcome of the plot and so they can be overlooked I guess.

Overall this was a great experience and would surely pick up any book by this author!

About the Author
As an urban child, my getaway from the noise and fast paced city was escaping into the world of books. I lived the lives of characters and subsequently played with alternative scenarios in my own imagination. I created my own plots, added my own role, and changed the world.
When I grew up, I realized just how little a person can change in the society, but the habit of alternative scenarios remained. The most talented writer in the world is life itself and my books are alternative scenarios of what I read in it. Often, you will recognize the seeds of my imaginary, future, dystopian, societies in our present, and hopefully it will make you look at things differently. 
The books I write deal with intelligent individuals, well educated, absolutely aware of the world around them, well read, wise; and their clash with societies whose targets are usually those individuals. Why intelligent and wise individuals are dangerous to any regime, is best described in this quote by Osho:
“No Society Wants You to Become Wise”

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  1. Another fairy tale . . . :-)

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