16 July, 2012

Rousing Cadence :: Jess C.Scott

We are celebrating the Release of Rousing Cadence.
Rousing Cadence brought together seven authors across the globe. This is for the first time that published authors and bloggers are coming together and sharing their creativity. It brings forth different thinking and perspectives and unique styles of these authors and is expected to appeal to the wider audience.
Rousing Cadence delivers equal parts love and mystery, adventure and romance with unparalleled quality. Do not be surprised if you get nostalgic after reading few of the Poems. 

Last week, we 'met' Shamsud Ahmed. This week let's meet Jess C. Scott

Interview with Jess C.Scott

1. Tell us a bit about yourself.
My name is Jess and I’m passionate about original stories that are both meaningful and entertaining. That’s true for both my personal and professional self ;)!

2. When and why did you start blogging?
As a teenager, I actually hated blogging, but I later grew to appreciate it as a mode of communication (ironically, my first novel ended up a blog/IM novel). Nowadays I blog to share some perspectives on the things that matter to me (and many others, to an extent). These things usually revolve around writing/publishing/love/life/sex.

3. What got you into writing?
Reading was something I always enjoyed as a very young kid. I guess it was a natural progression to get into writing (it was a creative/aptitude thing that I’ve always had).

4. Why poetry?
Poetry can help a person re-focus. It can be a form of meditation, where a lot of clutter is tossed aside or stripped away to focus on something that’s simple/complex, real/imaginative, mental/spiritual, all at the same time.

5. Who was the first person to read your work?
The first haiku I wrote was probably read by the creative writing teacher (I was nine years old at the time). She was very kind and inspiring—it was a great way for me to be introduced to the haiku poetic form.

6. What are your pet peeves?
Lots and lots of typos...

7. One mistake that every amateur poet commits at the beginning?

I’m not sure that every amateur poet commits one similar mistake. I like to think that the non-amateurs take a certain amount of pleasure/pride in their early (and/or later) mistakes. It is part of one’s artistic and personal development.

8. Why is Rousing Cadence special? 

Because of its energy, vibrancy, and relevance, to fellow poets/writers and readers alike. 

9. What was it like – collaborating with people from round the globe?

I’m always appreciative of the Internet when collaborating with people from round the globe. The efficiency can’t be beat. I like to collaborate with people from different cultural backgrounds because each person brings personal, fresh and unique perspectives to things that matter to all of us.

10. One thing that you want the readers to take away from this book.
An appreciation for poetry and cross cultural connections.

5 FunFacts about you:
#1: I like reading classic books and tabloid magazines.
#2: I haven’t cut my hair in...a while.
#3: I enjoy getting a little bit of physical exercise every day.
#4: I find gardening tiring but fun.
#5: I really, really like chocolate chip frappes (mmm...)

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