02 July, 2012

Rousing Cadence::Shamsud Ahmed

We are celebrating the Release of Rousing Cadence.
Rousing Cadence brought together seven authors across the globe. This is for the first time that published authors and bloggers are coming together and sharing their creativity. It brings forth different thinking and perspectives and unique styles of these authors and is expected to appeal to the wider audience.

Rousing Cadence delivers equal parts love and mystery, adventure and romance with unparalleled quality. Do not be surprised if you get nostalgic after reading few of the Poems. 

Let's get to know the team of Rousing Cadence -- Shall we? This week I am interviewing Shamsud Ahmed. He is the author of "I'm Dirty, I need Washing". He has contributed not only his poetry, but also his editing skills. So, without further ado, let's get to the interview.

Interview with Shmsud Ahmed

Tell us a bit about yourself. 
I am a working professional living in Mumbai since last 2 years.

When and why did you start blogging?
After publishing my first book “I AM DIRTY I NEED WASHING” I was not doing much and wanted to explore more avenues of Poetry. I started collecting information from various sites catering to poetry. This is when I came across few bloggers who continuously write, communicate and have a very strong presence in the blogging world. They all inspired me to take up blogging.

What got you into writing?
Can’t say! I started writing at the age of 13 and even today I am as excited as a thirteen year could be.

Why poetry?
I write short stories too. I am now writing for a TV Serial – Zindagi.com for one of the prominent TV Channel in Northeast.

Who was the first person to read your work?
My friends at school and no one liked my work

What are your pet peeves?
Too Much honking, Bad Poetry…there are many J

One mistake that every amateur poet commits at the beginning?
Trying to copy other established poets is a big No NO….this takes the originality away.

Why is Rousing Cadence special?
RC is a platform. It is not a book of poetry which is published for the first time and ends there. The idea behind RC is to create a common platform for emerging talents. The Idea is to help these new and budding poets publish their work with help and support from the team even if it means that we sit with them and hand hold them during the entire process.

What was it like – collaborating with people from round the globe?
I can’t explain. It’s tough when you work with people from different time zone. You do your regular stuffs and prepare for a full night conversation to ensure that we have not missed anything.

One thing that you want the readers to take away from this book
That the book is an experiment.  We can assure the readers that they would be taken through a journey which encompasses all the essence of life as the book is a concerted effort by seven authors across the globe. This is for the first time published authors and bloggers are coming together and sharing their creativity through this book.

5 Random Facts about You.
~ I was a flag corp. captain in high school (go marching band)
~ I can speak 5 languages (not good enough) and struggling to learn more
~ I get nauseated when I see people spit out their car window.
~ Awarded by the great Narayan Murthy while in Infosys
~ I like reading fiction and love watching Horror movies.

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