31 July, 2012

Sweet Evil (The Sweet Trilogy #1) by Wendy Higgins

Anna Whitt is anything but normal and she knows it. She can see other people’s ‘feelings’ through the colour of their aura. She feels like a freak except when she is with her friend Jason. Jason eats, breathes and lives music and also has taken Anna into his fold. Around the time for her sixteenth birthday, it is through Jason that Anna meets Kaidan – the HOT drummer with no emotions that she can see/feel. Anna realizes that Kaidan is like her and they take a road trip to go and meet Anna’s father and that is when she slowly discovers about her heritage and who she truly is.

The characters in this book are really swoon worthy. Anna is a sweet girl who had been kept in the dark for a long time by her adoptive mother. But when she finds out about herself she accepts it immediately as she had always known that something was different about her. However, she is not one of those overthinking sissy female leads who moans about how unfair her life is or over analyze every situation. She is practical and always ready to do what needs to be done. Kaidan on the other hand comes across this ‘brute’ – a rude and arrogant. But his strength and integrity of character is unquestionable. But the character I loved the most was Kopano. His strength of character is what makes him stand out in the story. Unlike other Nephs who give in to their demon father’s wishes, Kopano took the chance to stand up for what he believed. He went against his very own nature to do what was right. I love him for that.

I haven’t read about Nephilim before and my reading experience about angels is truly limited. So this book opened a new world of ideas to me – ideas that I truly liked. There were a few moments in the story that seemed like too much of a coincidence or just too convenient or a bit farfetched, still they weren’t anything major. I was able to just think that ‘this is just fiction after all’ and move on. And specifically for that, I would like to give credit to the author’s style of writing. It was so simple yet engrossing that a few bumps along the way did not matter much. Overall, I liked the plot and I am looking forward to the next part in the installment – just hoping there will be bit more action in it.