03 August, 2012

#BookReview :: Mea Culpa (Requiem #1.5) by Christine Fonseca

I had received this novella quite some time back from the author but had been putting off reading it as I was afraid that it might not live upto my expectations. But I had nothing to worry about -- Ms.Fonseca has done it again!

To be frank, I did not give Zane much importance in Lacrimosa since I was in half minds about whether I liked him or not. He did show a side that had me believe in him, yet most of the times I didn’t really like him that much. Since this novella is written in Zane’s POV and it gave me a good look into his life, ‘emotions’ and thoughts.  Zane & Mikayel are prepared to do anything for Nesy. And we find out that Zane has to give up his memories of Nesy in exchange for her life. Though Zane’s emotions were not a complete surprise to me, I was certainly taken back by it. Maybe because they are not really supposed to feel the human emotions and for Zane to have such strong feelings for someone isn’t something that I would have expected anyway. Oh well, at least I have made up my mind about Zane now – I definitely like him…

The only thing I didn’t like as much as Lacrimosa is the book cover, but book cover never affect my reading experience that much. Overall this was another great piece of work. Mea Culpa has not only lived upto the standards set by Dies Irae and Lacrimosa but has also managed to raise my expectation for Libera Me.

Its free on Amazon, Go grab it if you haven't already


  1. Sounds interesting. seeing that i am a bigggg fan of emotions, it looks inviting for me.
    good review, crisp and short!!
    and Zean surely sounds gooood!!

  2. Hm. Well if it's free, I'll have to snag it :) It sounds interesting.