10 August, 2012

#BookReview:: Tiger's Quest (The Tiger Saga #2) by Colleen Houck

Kelsey is back home at Oregon, from her trip and adventure in India. She knows that she will have to go back in order to help break the curse, but in the meantime she tries to get over her heartbreak over Ren and move on. Though she finds some suitors at her new college, her heart seems to be set. Ren & Kishan, both turn up at Oregon and things start to fire up. After some romance and some action, Kelsey soon finds herself back in India and on her journey to try and break the second curse. This time however, she is accompanied by Kishan. What gifts will Durga present her with and what dangers await her while she tries to break the curse? Sparks fly with Kishan around – will something come out of it?

I did not like this book as much as the part one. The plot seemed to slow down for the first half of the book. There’s too much time spent at Oregon with Kelsey attending college and her suitors. I feel as if we could have done without it. Even as things move back to India, there’s not as much action and adventure as on Kelsey’s journey to breaking the first part of the curse.

Having said that, I liked how the overall plot is shaping up. It continues on from where the first book left off – gave us a healthy dose of romance and adventure and made way for the third installment.  We finally know more about the brother’s history and the dynamics between the two was quite enjoyable. Also it was fun reading about Kelsey and Kishan together. Mr.Kaddam did not disappoint me – I absolutely adore that man. And, I absolutely LOVED Kishan in this installment. Even with the almost missed glimpse of Kishan in book 1, I had felt that I would like him and I was right. I love the mischievous and loud character that he is. Lokesh also has a bigger role in this book and it gave us a glimpse into his psyche.

The best part about this series so far has been the way Ms.Colleen has used mythology and set it in the present scenario. The author has once again proved her skills in spinning a story that keeps its reader hooked no matter what. Like I said that, I found the starting a bit slow – yet I kept turning those pages and finished the book in one sitting.


  1. I do love a mixture of things in a story now a days. :-)

  2. Great review!

    I need to buy this book. I already have the first and the third but somehow I didn't buy Tiger's Quest. So strange.

  3. I love stories about India, and I so love the cover of this and the first book! I have the first one, I just haven't gotten around to reading it yet.