06 October, 2012

#Spotlight :: 12 Precious Anecdotes From Life by Payal Roy

This summer, have a look at this novella- tales of inspiration and endurance, never giving up in the face of adversities and supporting one another in the tests put forward by life.

12 short stories that set the ball of fate rolling on the court of life. Take a journey into the fascinating and intriguing world of Samantha, John, Amy, uncle Ben and Shaun amongst a dozen other faces who share their anecdotes through this book. What do they have in common? Successful and interesting people from a diverse background, their paths cross with Anita Maher. This sets off a cascade of events that compels everyone to look back at their own lives. How is Anita affected? Other people too seem to bump into Anita all of a sudden when she least expects them. Why? Does life want to convey a message to all?

12 heartfelt anecdotes from their lives kept a secret all this while, only to be revealed to Anita, when time seems limited and many ventures still left unexplored. Does life give a second chance? Find out in this book which shares their exploits and adventures through their intriguing and engaging stories.

Facts about this Ebook 12 Precious Anecdotes from Life
This book is enrolled in KDP Select and is available for free borrows by Amazon Prime members. 
This book shot to Amazon #1 bestseller list in 2 categories - Short Stories and Inspirational Fiction during a 3 day Free Promotion offered in Amazon at the end of August 2012. 
This Ebook can be read even without a Kindle - simply download the Free Kindle Reading Application for your PC, Laptop, IPad etc, install and run it and start reading this Ebook in under a minute.

The author's experience about writing this Book
While I was writing my latest Ebook 12 Precious Anecdotes from Life, I continually pondered upon choosing an unconventional title that would give a hint to the content of my book as well as arise curiosity in the minds of readers interested in reading such genres as Inspirational Fiction-Short Story Collections. My book consists of 12 short stories that give 12 messages to readers. As they read the stories, they can grasp the inherent messages that show up in the pages. Each one is a precious message that all readers can easily relate to in their own life. Each message promises to ignite a spark of goodness, positivity, humaneness and a feel-good emotion through the intriguing and thoughtful stories. The messages in that book are precious to me, so I came up with such a title for the book.

Author's note about the book's characters &important people : Snippets
  • Anita Maher: My most favourite character is the protagonist in this book, who is a freelance author named Anita Maher. Anita is the common friend of the 12 characters who bump into her so suddenly, and their secrets begin to unravel gradually. Anita is always enthusiastic about a new find, she holds special moments close to her heart and is always in search for uniqueness and has a never give up attitude. A free-spirited person, she hates being tied down, and is ready to learn from the events taking place about her and exudes a mix of various emotions. I found her to be the perfect protagonist for my book.
  • Anita's friend John: Ambitious, hard working , pleasant guy whose life takes a new turn that he fails to realize himself. Will he come to terms with how his life is changing or would he walk away and ignore the issues staring at his face?
  • Anita's friend Amy: A succesful architect, Amy has been always bagging multi million dollar project deals for her firm; but how successful has she been in balancing her personal life? When she is directed to her inner calling, does she respond to it? What is her inner calling?
  • Anita's cousin Josh: Anita meets her cousin Josh after nearly a decade, and his actions remind her of an interesting adventure at the farm. How does it affect Anita? Is she finally able to come to terms with what is in her heart?
  • Anita's Grandma: Why does Anita love to visit her grandma often? What is so special and enigmatic about her grandma?
  • Anita's office colleague Sharon: One day Sharon asks Anita to stay back after work, as she wants to reveal a secret to her. What is so important about the secret that Anita decides to stay back? Why does Sharon become the person she wasn't earlier?
  • Anita's coworker Maureen: Maureen wasn't Anita's friend always, infact she wasn't anyone's friend before. However, something happens to Maureen that steers her towards Anita. What happened to Maureen that changed her forever?
  • Anita's uncle Ben: Anita had always hated her uncle Ben, yet she was forced to meet him for one last time on a gloomy fateful Friday, which changed one of her outlooks at life forever. What happened that fateful Friday?
  • Anita's childhood friend Emma: Why did Anita drive 600 miles to go to Emma's place all of a sudden? Read to know what happened to Emma!

Author's Bio 
Payal Roy is a management professional by day and an author by evening. She is a published author, a freelance writer, an avid reader and a travel enthusiast. An Indian at heart, she loves travelling to new places, meet new people and explore their history, culture and traditions. She loves reading both fiction and non-fiction books and writes short stories and poetry. Authoring and creativity has always been one of her major areas of interest from her childhood. She values friendship, nature and memorable moments spent amongst a diverse culture of people and places and holds them close to her heart through her poems and short stories on life and its changing moments. She sincerely attempts to share her views and ideas lucidly with her readers, and looks forward to creating a host of vibrant fictional and non-fictional works for her readers in future.

Her most recent published works 
Poetry collection with nature photos from her travels - Memoirs: The Soulful Recollection (Friendship and Life) at Smashwords

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