22 October, 2012

#Spotlight & #Excerpt :: “The Midas Tree” by Lesley Phillips

A Sneak Preview

“Once upon a place where there was no time, and once upon a time where there was no place, there lived a boy who wasn’t quite yet a boy. He held within him the potential to be a great man or indeed a great woman, for the spark that creates a boy can, in the twinkle in an eye, also create a girl.
He lived in a garden of brilliant light, under the guidance of a mentor who helped him on his path to greatness. They agreed together that the boy would travel to a new world, where the light of home contrasted with darkness. The tension between these would stimulate new experiences, and allow new knowledge to spring forth.
The boy’s chosen purpose was to become a teacher, who would help everyone who entered this world after him, so that they could choose peace between one another, and harmony with their world. Part of the agreement was that he would forget some things about who he was, and why he was there. He would have to search for his own answers first, before he could help others find theirs. In this journey of forgetting and remembering, his path would emerge, and he would be able to enact his full potential in the world.
Birth into this new world was painful. He arrived in a state of fear and panic, shocked by how different this place was, compared to the light from whence he emerged. Because he didn’t know where he was, or how things worked, he became frustrated. The more he realized how little he knew, the more tormented he became. He suffered physical pain, emotional anguish, and mental turmoil. Then he blamed and became angry with his mentor for leading him to this place.
Nevertheless, his yearning to find his way home was so strong, that it compelled him onward. Initially through trial and error, and gradually through the application of what he learned, he grew in both stature and experience. By observing the special ways of the creatures he met, he discovered how to heal his pain. He learned techniques that helped him overcome the agony and misery he was experiencing. He began to feel empowered to improve his new world.”

Message from Dr Lesley Phillips

What you have just read is an introduction to my new book “The Midas Tree.”  It is a spiritual novel about the enlightenment journey.

Joshua, the hero, is entranced by a magical golden acorn that leads him to a mysterious realm inside a tree. He encounters entrapments and challenging situations, where he must find his way out and battle his ego. He is fortunate to meet spiritual teachers called devas, who teach him how to cope with his challenges through meditation.

As a meditation teacher and practitioner of many years, I know how beneficial meditation can be. It has helped me to change my life and take charge of my life. I want to be able to share this blessing with others.  Writing a book, that was a story and not just a meditation how to or self help book seemed like a good way to do this.

“The Midas Tree” can be enjoyed on many levels

Adults who have read the book say it reminds them of Illusions by Richard Bach, or The Celestine Prophesy by Michael Redfield, but with the flavor of a fairy tale.  This is because it is an adventure story and at the same time is a guidebook to enlightenment.

Children who have read The Midas Tree say it is reminiscent of Alice in Wonderland and other well known children’s books. They enjoy all the funny characters, which include talking animals and insects, and each find a favorite deva. These are the fairy like nature spirits, who have knowledge of science and nature as well as spiritual information.

I wrote the book to be accessible to everyone regardless of their spiritual belief system. Some have said the book is like a parable; as there are spiritual messages in each new adventure the hero encounters. I can also see how those who chose to read the book through a religious lens will be able to find passages that align with their beliefs; regardless of whether they are Christian, Hindu, Buddhist, Taoist or Muslim. This is because it speaks to fundamental and eternal truths that underpin all spiritual belief systems.

I believe it can be enjoyed on many levels; as an adventure story, a guidebook for spiritual unfolding, an explanation of how to meditate, as well as a lesson about the biology of a tree. 

Dr Lesley Phillips is a speaker, author, workshop leader, spiritual and meditation teacher based in Vancouver BC, Canada. Her book “The Midas Tree” will be published on November 11th 2012. She can be reached at:-
Twitter: @DrLesleyP

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