02 November, 2012

#Spotlight :: The Last Supper Catering Company by Michaelene McElroy

The Last Supper Catering Company is the heart-warming and humorous story of B. Thankful. Turned out with red corkscrew hair, one eye brown, the other green, and gifted with the power to hear the voices of the departed, B. Thankful is cast aside by the town as the devil's child and lives an isolated upbringing in the woods. Tragedy, followed by the discovery of a long-forgotten paint-by-number picture of the Last Supper, thrusts B. Thankful from the safety of everything she has ever known. Beyond the boundary of her sheltered life, B. Thankful discovers the world’s hard edges as well as its beauty. More importantly, with the help of a cast of tender-hearted souls (earthly and heavenly), she discovers why the world needs her special gift.

Raves & Reviews

“This book will also take you through many phases of life and death and cause you to think more about situations in your life that have ever caused a smile or a tear.” ~~ Breeze 

“I am still stunned by the impact of McElroy's writing.” ~~ Shelley Hartle 

“This book had me hooked at the first page - and that's only the beginning of an extraordinary story!” ~~ Donna Cushman

Five Lesser Known Facts about the book
1.      The idea for The Last Supper Catering Company came to me while walking on a treadmill in my home office in California.  I was listening to an NPR piece on death row inmates and their last meals when I heard a young girl’s voice, steeped in the way of the South, ask me, “What would you want for your last supper?”  I immediately stepped off the treadmill and she began to tell me her story.

2.      I started writing The Last Supper Catering Company while living in California, but finished the book after I moved to an island in the Puget Sound.  I was at a point in my manuscript where my heroine, B. Thankful, must make a life-changing decision about whether or not she’ll leave the comfort of everything she has ever known.  I was at the same juncture in my own life, so I sold my home of thirty-three years, quit my job and left the comfort of my everyday life for the unknown.

3.      People think the towns of Majestic and Beauty mentioned in the book are fictitious, but they really exist.

4.      The only music I listened to during those periods before I would start writing (I write in silence) was filled with the strains of Appalachian Blue Grass – mandolins, fiddles, Acadian accordions; the music handed down from Ireland and Scotland, that in the hands of the folks of Appalachia takes on a life of its own; the music that can lift your spirit and break your heart in a single refrain.

5.      I actually prepared the recipe for jellied pig’s feet that appears in the book. My father, in the final days of his life, and knowing how my mother loved Gram’s jellied pig’s feet, asked me to prepare them to make her happy.  And knowing that seeing her joy would get him all the way to heaven with a smile on his face, I was happy to oblige.

About the Author
Michaelene McElroy makes her debut as an author with The Last Supper Catering Company.  She lives on four acres in the woods on an island in the Puget Sound of Washington State where magic is ever present. 

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