14 November, 2012

#Spotlight :: The Ruby of Egypt by Gemma Wilford

Ruby finds herself being dragged by her over excited and rather embarrassing parents on a sight-seeing holiday to Egypt. Viewing the pyramids is the last thing a fourteen year old girl wants to be doing when she could be basking in the glorious sunshine by the pool instead. Her disappointment soon turns to delight when she curiously follows a black cat inside the Great Pyramid of Giza, where upon entering she is mysteriously transported back in time to Ancient Egypt. Aided by a talking feline. Guided by a dragonfly. Protected by a Falcon headed God. Ruby must embrace an important mission that will not only challenge her ability to amend her stroppy attitude, but will change the purpose of her life forever.

Early Reviews
It had all the classic elements of a great action plot, knitted together perfectly. ~~ Jeremy B Powen on Amazon
Delightful tale of what might have been to get where you are. ~~ Nat on Goodreads

Five Lesser Known Facts about the Book
~ The book was originally drafted for a competition entry for a Newspaper back in 2010.
~ I have had the seed for the idea of this book planted in my head since I was about seven years old. I had read a book on Ancient Egypt and I knew right then that one day I would write about it.
~ I always knew that one of the main character's that I wanted to be featured would be that of a black cat
~ I had never considered self publishing the book until a woman in my creative writing class told me about Lulu.com and it was about this time last year that I put the wheels in motion to self publish it.
~ There was never any intention of a sequel to this book however there may be one on the cards...

About the Author
Gemma Wilford was born in Nottingham, England and grew up in Cramlington, Northumberland, where she still resides with her husband. Her journalistic achievements include being twice runner up in BBC Newsround's Press Pack competitions. 
Gemma has had a passion for writing for as long as she can remember. English was Gemma's favourite topic at school and she loved writing short stories. She spent her summers as a child reading books then writing her own story almost immediately. Early favourites include Nancy Drew and the Famous Five. Gemma has a particular interest in World War 2, especially the role that women played and how it changed women's roles and positions in society.
2011 saw Gemma self-publish her first Children's Book 'The Ruby of Egypt' and she is currently in the editing stages of her first novel, a Chick-Lit recession based book 'Miss Pooshoe'. She recently had a short story 'Breaking The Rules' published in the I Am Woman Campaign Anthology Volume Two as well as spooky story 'Lady In Black' featured on GK Adams blog. Gemma documents her publication journey as an author to her blog 'Missuswolf's StoryLand.'
Gemma is a proud member of Melissa Foster's Awesome Support Team #GoTeamPIF

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