08 December, 2012

#SpecialFeature :: Character Introduction

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*** SPECIAL FEATURE - December'12 ***

Lets meet the characters from "Stop Me If You Can" by Mayank Jain. Afterall, they are the ones who give shape to and add spice to the novel!

Name: Radhe
Location: Hyderabad Distributor, ABC Inc.

The pudgy, old man belongs to the breed called 'distributors'. He is hardwired to sub-consciously keep a track of all monetary spendings (from 50p to many lakhs), and analyze how (if at all) they bring back more money to him. His innocuous smile belies his ravenous intent of sucking out more and more money from ABC Inc. He lives by the abbreviation - ROI (Return On Investment). Tightwad, miser - other adjectives which could be used to describe Radhe.
Radhe is Salaria’s friend and foe rolled into one. Salaria hates him, but he just can’t ignore him.

Name: Boss
Location: Omnipresent

The character is ubiquitous. All Salaria bosses in sales are referred to as 'boss', because Salaria firmly believes that the real name of the superior adds no value absolutely to the scheme of things - with all bosses' primary objective at all times being to cause torment to subordinates.
Salaria has many a tiffs with his bosses who probably form the most important cog in the story's wheel.

Name: Priya Sareen
About: Marketing Professional, ABC Inc.
Location: Mumbai/Salairia’s mind

The bombshell. The marketing lass. The IIML graduate. 
The damsel whose mere presence can potentially cause ABC Inc.’s entire ‘male-only’ sales force go bonkers.
The girl who takes up a lot of Salaria’s productive time (rather just time, because Salaria insists that all his time is highly productive), by wandering through his mind. The girl for whom Salaria will go to any length. The girl who is responsible for some major twists in Salaria’s life and the story.

Name: The Marketing Lady
About: Marketing Professional, ABC Inc.

She likes to believe that the sales force at ABC is earning its bread and butter because of her breakthrough work in marketing.
Don’t ask her. Ask the sales force. To them her eight hour ‘condensed’ marketing capsules are no less than torture sessions. Of the third degree.
Salesmen don’t get excited thinking about a product’s USP, its packaging or how much it could sell. They just sell it. Period.
The Marketing Lady possibly is a good marketer, but then she surely is distant, very distant (earth-moon) types from the realities of sales.

Name: Loser
Loser (LOkesh SERawat)
About: Marketing Professional, ABC Inc.

Dumb. Stupid. Moron. Jerk.

That’s what Salaria desperately wishes Loser is. By the way, the picture and the name ‘Loser’ are Salaria’s imagination and invention, respectively.

Priya’s batchmate from IIML, and always found in her close vicinity, Loser is totally in fray for winning her over. Then enters our hero Salaria. Will Loser lose? Will Priya give in to Salaria’s (mostly self-imagined) charms?

Name: Sucker (Suraj Khatri)
About/Location: Jewelry Businessman, Delhi

Tall. Brawny. Mean looks. Filthy rich. Priya’s prospective groom.
The guy to whom Priya’s parents have decided to marry her off. As if one ‘Loser’ wasn’t enough, ‘Sucker’ enters from nowhere to send Salaria’s hopes crashing. To begin with, Priya is unimpressed by him and utterly unhappy. But Salaria figures that given his money and killer looks there is no reason why happiness wouldn’t start creeping into Priya’s mind.
Salaria has to do something. And he has to do it fast.

Name: Rohit Salaria
About: IIMC grad. Sales professional?

The maverick who believes in himself. A bit too much. His sales acumen is the talk of the town. His bosses are in awe of him. His competitors want to kidnap him. ABC Inc.’s MD wants to relinquish his chair to him. Or so he thinks. Ahem.
Salaria dwells in his own world and descends on mother earth once in a while to leave us mortals baffled with his unique thought process. He swears by his degree from IIMC and words like impossible and logic have no bearing whatsoever on Salaria’s thoughts or actions. All men love girls. And if you are Rohit Salaria, girls love you too (Psst ask Priya Sareen).
And yes, when Salaria is around, you will either laugh with him, or laugh at him. Laugh you WILL!

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  1. This is so fun! I love the character sketches.

  2. Sounds exciting! The cartoons are hilarious so are the description :D Entered for the giveaway. Fingers crossed!