27 December, 2012

#GuestPost :: Deleted Scene from Only In Her Dreams by Christina McKnight

When Lucessa Sarcona awakes from a recurring dream, she has no idea her life is about to be turned upside down. A stranger, familiar to her dreams, shows up in the flesh, and Lucessa knows she’s either crazy or experiencing something not of this world.

A war ensues between three demigod brothers. One, trained to rule Erebos, is violently replaced. One forced to return to his homeland and lead the dream-gods of the Oneiroi. And one is charged with the impossible task of protecting Lucessa. How is she linked to the Oneiroi? Why do two brothers seek to keep her hidden and protected? And how does another plan to use her against the two demigods who love her?

Will Lucessa’s dream man have the courage to claim her as his own or will he bow to the command of another, forsaking the one he loves?

Only in Her Dreams is a modern spin on a Greek legend--the new direction of Urban Fantasy and Paranormal Romance, moving from angels, demons, vampires, and witches and toward the realm of demigods.

Guest Blog Post by Christina McKnight

Deleted Scene

This is the epilogue that never made it past the 3rd draft of Only In Her Dreams, The Oneiroi Book 1. Enjoy a bit of Lucessa and Maxim’s happiness…until a known enemy returns in book 2!


Lucessa relaxed in her rocking chair on her front porch, rubbing her rounded belly. Several feet from her Maxim climbed a ladder, paint can and brush in hand. 
Love filled her to the point spilling over.
After Maxim’s declaration of love, Lucessa also shared her uncontrollable love for him. They’d been together ever since. They spent their time getting to know each other, building a life together and planning for the future. The outcome was almost too much for Lucessa to hope for.
Some days she awoke early, surprised to find Maxim lying next to her. Over the months she had come to believe, truly believe, that Maxim would never leave her. 
“Earth to Lucessa. Do you need something?” Maxim’s question drew Lucessa back to the present.
“No, I’m fine.”
“Okay, you were looking at me in a most peculiar way.” Maxim smiled.
The smiles and laugher came so easy to their relationship.
“I was just thinking about the future,” Lucessa called back as she rubbed her belly.
“Well, I wish we were in the future...or that this house would paint itself.”
Lucessa laughed. Maxim was getting used to living and caring for not only her, but a very old house. There was always something to repair or update. While learning about home repair, Maxim also attended the local college. Even though he had no obligation to Erebos he still felt the call to protect the people. Only now it was the people of Earth. With only a year left of school, Maxim planned to enter the police academy after their son, Darius, was born.
Things were falling into place so naturally she worried sometimes that something would rip their happiness from her grasp. But when she had her doubts, Maxim was there to reassure her that nothing could jeopardize their love. 
And with love, they could make it through anything.

About the Author

Christina McKnight is a book lover turned writer. From a young age, her mother encouraged her to tell her own stories. She’s been writing ever since.  

In college, Christina took many courses to help develop and enhance her writing skills. She completed a seventy-page dissertation on the need for community policing in American society. Now, she focuses on Historical Romance, Urban Fantasy, and Paranormal Romance. 

Christina lives in Northern California with her husband, daughter, two boxers, two cats, and a Beta fish named Marmaduke.  If she’s not behind a computer screen or book, she’s busy leading her daughter’s Girl Scout troop. She is very active in several writing groups and a local book group.

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