29 December, 2012

#SpeacialFeature :: Characters chat about Rohit Salaria

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*** SPECIAL FEATURE - December'12 ***

What is all this fuss about Rohit Salaria? The author decided to go and talk to various characters who feature in “Stop Me If You Can!!”, about what they thought about Rohit Salaria. There was a variety of responses, which ranged from intriguing to witty to insipid. Read on.

Boss (surprised why anyone would even talk about Rohit Salaria): Oh he is a total nincompoop. One of those royal mistakes of B-school recruitments. I only wish God had been more generous to him in one regard – brain.

Marketing Lady (with a slender smile): Young, super-energetic boy. Tremendously excited all the time.
(Suddenly shifts gaze to the view outside the window, lost in thoughts) Excites me too sometimes….Sorry. I mean, did I just say cute?

Radhe (totally dismissive in his tone): Very smart and very intelligent. But please stay away from my business. Let me live in peace. And continue with my symbiotic (read vampirish) relationship with ABC Inc. Please. 
Priya (chirpy and bubbly, almost jumping with excitement): Such a sweetheart. He is so cute. He just knows how to cheer me up. Do I love him? I don’t know. But yes maybe. No, maybe.

Loser [Salaria coined acronym for LOkesh SERawat] (seething, on the verge of explosion): The only thing I want to do to him is smash his head against the strongest of walls. Cut him into infinitesimally small pieces and feed them to dogs. He has no caliber. No aptitude. No attitude. God only knows what Priya finds so interesting in him. Huh.
Mayank hands over a glass of water to him. And exits softly.

Sucker [Salaria coined acronym for SUraj Khatri] (nonchalantly): Who Rohit Salaria? Don’t waste my time, I have to go on long drive with Priya. (Shifts to daydreaming)
(Who Salaria? You will know very soon mate. Very soon. Ha ha.)

Rohit Salaria himself (no words for him): Though it would be very incorrect to praise myself. And I am strictly against it. But then it takes no genius to figure out that I have a super skill set in public relations, problem solving and team management. Add to that a super focus, determination and confidence. And you have the perfect CEO material. I am not saying that I should be ABC Inc.’s next CEO, but who is denying that also. Ha ha. And yes, almost missed mentioning my magnetic charms which leave girls weak in the knees. All this resting on the solid foundation of that single most important virtue – humility. Killer combo man. Killer.

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