17 December, 2012

#Spotlight :: Fantasia by Payal Roy

From the author's desk: Hello! My name is Payal Roy, author of the just released Ebook titled FANTASIA The Poetry Collection at Amazon Kindle Stores. I would like to express my sincere gratitude to my host Bookr3vi3ws- D.D.S, a brilliant blogger, an avid reader and reviewer for giving me an opportunity to be part of a special feature on authors, in her prestigious blog.

I would like to wish Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays in advance to everyone visiting this wonderful blog!

Today, I would like to highlight my latest kindle book FANTASIA and what inspired me to write this book.

Ebook- FANTASIA The Poetry Collection
Genre - Fantasy, Poetry, Contemporary Fiction
Author - Payal Roy
Publication Date - Dec 2, 2012-12-07
Amazon US/India Link - http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00AHCJJSU (Free Download for 3 days post Christmas - Dec 28 through Dec 30, 2012) - Install Free Kindle reading software in your PC, Laptop, iPad etc and download this free kindle book!

Blurb: Fantasia - The Poetry Collection is a collection of poems enamoured within a theme of fantasy and surrealism.

To name a few, there are poems about Phoenix-the mythical bird, Sphere-a repository of power that fell in wrong hands and the price one had to pay for this grave error, Rains- when rains don't come what happens and how the earth is quenched of its thirst, Tale of four seasons- A mythical fantasy encircling a debate between the four seasons on earth giving rise to interesting outcomes, Tick-tock : a timeless tale of the old grandfather clock that still announces its existence in many of the households, Halo- a mystic aura , Love is everywhere- the author's boundless imagination and realizing the essence of love through living and inanimate objects alike.

There are other poems as well which attempt to enhance the heights of fantasy and realism in this poetry collection. Thus, one moment the readers would find themselves in a magical and vibrant world of fantasy through enchanting stories, and the next moment the boundary of fantasy would merge with reality. The author has blended poems of fantasy with those of surrealism, in an attempt to portray the beauty of poetry and how even an ordinary object of the real world can be of utmost importance in a mystical and vibrant world of fantasy.

Inspiration to write this book: Like many poetry lovers out there, I too love poetry. I feel poetry is a creative exuberance of various emotions - joy, passion, love, sorrow, happiness, ambition, desire, courage, resolve which are portrayed through uniquely created poems from the heart. For every poet and a poetry lover, each poem carries a symbolic gesture, a special meaning that aims at augmenting the beauty of this world, and life through poetic creativity.

Many of you love to read books about fantasy. Have you thought of reading poetry books telling tales of fantasy? I decided to experiment with this subject and came up with this poetry collection weaving out tales of fantasy - magical creatures, fables, legends and ordinary objects that are deemed precious in a world of surrealism. I would invite everybody to read FANTASIA to see for yourself the tales this poetry collection is waiting to share with you.

Author's message to her readers
Payal Roy brings you 5 continuous FREE days of Christmas bonanza during Christmas from Dec 25, 2012 and continuing till Dec 30, 2012. Mentioned below are 2 of her popular Ebooks being offered as Free Download for everyone from Amazon Kindle Stores. Install Free Kindle reading software in your PC, Laptop, iPad etc and download this free kindle book!

Payal is most happy when her poetry and short story collections are read by random readers and they choose to leave honest reviews about her works. She values her readers' thoughts and analysis of her work, and continually strives to improve her writing. Payal has currently written in the genres of contemporary fiction, inspirational fiction, fantasy, short stories, and poetry.

Presently, Payal has three of her works published online as EBooks.

Most recent publication - FANTASIA The Poetry Collection, published at Amazon on Dec 2, 2012.  Direct Link: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00AHCJJSU
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Note: This Ebook will be FREE for everybody during Christmas, for 3 days beginning Dec 25 (Tuesday) through Dec 27 (Thursday), 2012. This Ebook has received 4-5stars mostly with 15 reviews so far. One of its stories won the most viewed Readers Award in Erika Szabo's blog, which organized a writing contest in Nov 2012.

Poetry collection-travel photos-family-friends read: MEMOIRS THE SOULFUL RECOLLECTION Friendship and Life published at Smashwords, Barnes and Noble, Apple iTunes Stores.

This Ebook has received 4 stars from the popular book review site Readers Favorite and random readers.

Author Bio 
Payal Roy is a management professional whose favourite passion is writing. Originally from India, she is based in Europe with her family. Payal has been an avid reader since her childhood and books have always been her best friends. Her love for reading imbibed in her the passion for writing. Payal is also an artist and an art lover. She creates various arts in the genres of vector art, abstract, contemporary and modern art through digital media. Most of her works of art are available as gift ideas in print, frame or canvas for Christmas, holidays, home decor and decorative interior art.

Payal has been writing short stories, poetry collections and novels for the past sixteen years. At first, writing used to be one of her favourite hobbies during her school and graduation days. But, as Payal grew up, she realized that writing books was her passion and decided to take up writing as a serious profession.

Payal is motivated and inspired by a never ending positive attitude of the vast community of indie and traditional authors, many of whom she came across in this virtual world when she began her writing career. She was fascinated to discover a plethora of resources for authors via the internet and the thriving multitude of author communities online, who provided valuable suggestions and advice to improve skills in writing, story telling and plot construction.

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