31 January, 2013

#BookReview :: The Demon Lover (Fairwick Chronicles #1) by Juliet Dark

Since accepting a teaching position at remote Fairwick College in upstate New York, Callie McFay has experienced the same disturbingly erotic dream every night: A mist enters her bedroom, then takes the shape of a virile, seductive stranger who proceeds to ravish her in the most toe-curling, wholly satisfying ways possible. Perhaps these dreams are the result of her having written the bestselling book The Sex Lives of Demon Lovers. Callie’s lifelong passion is the intersection of lurid fairy tales and Gothic literature—which is why she’s found herself at Fairwick’s renowned folklore department, living in a once-stately Victorian house that, at first sight, seemed to call her name.

But Callie soon realizes that her dreams are alarmingly real. She has a demon lover—an incubus—and he will seduce her, pleasure her, and eventually suck the very life from her. Then Callie makes another startling discovery: Her incubus is not the only mythical creature in Fairwick. As the tenured witches of the college and the resident fairies in the surrounding woods prepare to cast out the demon, Callie must accomplish something infinitely more difficult—banishing this supernatural lover from her heart.

Callie McFay is on the market for a teaching job. Her initial interest was in a New York University, but she ends up accepting a position at the Fairwick College because of its specialization in folklore. But ever since she has stepped into this town, she has been having highly erotic dreams. Soon though she realizes that there is more to the man in her dreams, the house she has moved into and the town.

I had heard a lot about this book and to top that off with my lack of experience in reading about an incubus, pushed me to requesting this book at the NetGalley. I was happy when my request got accepted and I got the chance to read this book. But now that I am done reading it, I am kind of happy that I got the chance to read it but also disappointed at the same time.

The best part of the book is the author’s style of writing. It is indeed opulent and engrossing. As I look back (I finished reading this book over a week ago) I think it is her writing style that stands out most prominently. Also, I liked how she had incorporated the details of various mythical creatures into this story. It was kind of fascinating to read about the author’s take on so many of them. I also loved the many references to other authors and classics – whether agreed to Callie’s take on them is a different matter though! The okay part of the story is its plot. It’s nothing extraordinary and it isn’t too bad either. I could figure out quite a few things early on. Also, the first quarter of the book is a bit slow. But once things start happening there’s hardly any time to slack off, so I guess that makes up for it.

Now the parts I didn’t enjoy as much were the characters. Callie seemed a bit too thick to me at times, especially when she is slow to understand something that is supposed to be in her field of expertise. The others characters didn’t really make an impression on me, except maybe for Liam. I am all about characters and they usually make or break a book for me. In this case it was a deal-breaker of sorts for me. Also, though this book is not rated as an erotica, and its contents may not require it to be rated as such, but still it was a bit too graphic for me. Some of you may think it has just enough details and some may even want a bit more – so for this point I’d ask you to be your own judge. Just because it’s a ‘con’ for me doesn’t mean it would be the same for each and every one of you.

Overall, I am kind of between 2 & 3 stars to this book. I would like to read more from this author but I am not really sure that I will be picking up its sequel. So I guess it is going to be a 3 stars from me – and entirely for the author’s language and the parts involving folklore.

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30 January, 2013

#BookReview :: My EX Fell in Love by Shubham Choudhary

Yatharth, an intelligent over-achiever is very clear about his life's goal-research. However, he faces a new challenge - a girl! Will Yatharth be able to face this challenge and continue with his life's goal? With friends such as Mr. intelligent Sudeep, Mr.handsome-funny-But still not datable Vikalp, the style icon Samantha and the counselor friend Prathishtha, Yatharth has all thesupport that he doesnt need!

Sanchita, a sentimental girl is all beauty but takes life seriously. Will she be able to handle the challenges she is about to face with love entering her life? My Ex fell in love! is a hilarious tale of growing up and dealing with the consequent challenges of life in a unique way. Enjoy the light, humorous and witty story of these youngsters, which will bring a smile on your face.

The story revolves around three best friends on a college campus. First is Yatharth, always in the top few of his class, a junior researcher and new to the field of love and dating. Then comes Sudeep - the class topper, junior researcher and king of sarcasm. Third in the bandwagon is Vikalp. His rank is somewhere in the middle of his class, pro at bunking classes, an athlete with a rich but estranged father. He is also somewhere who always puts himself out there with little or no luck. Enter Sanchita into the plot, she is a sweet and beautiful girl who is also the reason for Yatharth’s baby steps into the dating world. And the whole plot is based on the college life, so things are bound to go crazy. You have to actually read the book to find out where, how and exactly how far things can go!

If you are thinking, ‘Oh gawd! Not another campus story’, I won’t blame you because that’s exactly what I thought too. But I have been following the author’s personal blog, A Bug in My Mind, for quite some time and the one thing I knew for sure was that no matter what the plot is all about or how the characters turn out, they would be presented wrapped up in a very modest writing style infused with a good amount of humour. And I was right!

In his own words, through Yatharth, the author makes it very clear that this isn’t another IIT campus story in the very first chapter. He then goes on to introduce the other major characters in the protagonist’s life in a very casual way. As we get acquainted to everyone around him, and his life picks up a rhythm, we realize that the author has actually introduced the protagonist himself through his friends and family. I liked Yatharth! He may be a confused nerd, but at the end of the day he is a very decent guy. Though one may feel that the protagonist should not be average or just decent, but someone who stands out in a crowd – well in present times, a decent guy actually stands out in a crowd and for a change I can actually relate to him. Sanchita is a perfect match for Yatharth too. She is quick to decide and take action and she too is quite a decent girl. I could actually continue my rant on each of the characters, but that would actually make this review a bit too long. So I will limit myself by saying that Sudeep & Vikalp are extreme personalities and each bring in something to the story and to Yatharth’s life. Like all real friendships, there’s no reason or rhyme to as why these three guys would be friends, but they do carry the spirit really well. Yatharth’s father is one character that should receive special mention. He is the one person everyone would wish their fathers’ were like. Open-minded and fun! I looked forward to his appearances.

The plot itself is pretty simple – no out of the world experiences. Instead college life is portrayed as it most commonly experienced. Bunking classes, flirting with girls, bunking with friends in hostel, the first drink and the first love. I guarantee that not once will you feel the great Hollywood / Bollywood experience. In fact, there’ll be a number of time you’ll go thinking – ‘I have done that’ or ‘that guy in my class was like that’ or ‘yes one of my friends did that too’. Unlike the ‘other campus stories’ I have read in recent times, this was a refreshing change with its true to life depiction of situation and characters that I could relate to. Love and relationships are depicted just as you know them. There is no evil villain hanging out in the shadows or promises of bringing the moon and the stars or ultra-romantic dates on the beach and dancing in the woods in the next minute.  Writing style of Shubham was just as I had expected it – modest and the dialogues were said in normal college goer lingo rather than flowery or too-cool-for-you language.

As for the cons of this book, I feel it could have done with a stricter editing. There were some small typos and missed spaces. It did distract me at times.

I have spent quite some time reviewing the book in my mind before sitting down to write this review because I didn’t want it to be biased when I put it out. So, to round up my review, I would like to let you folks know that this book is in no way a literary genius, nor does it deserve a noble prize. But it deserves at least a single read for being a modest representation of that special phase of our lives and also because of Sudeep & Vikalp’s sarcasm are just that funny!

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29 January, 2013

#SpecialFeature :: #AuthorInterview - Cate Beauman

Now Presenting:
*** SPECIAL FEATURE - January'13 ***

A Short Recap of the Month:
1st January : Author Bio & Book List
8th January : Spotlight on Morgan’s Hunter (Story, Playlist, Funfacts and Reviews)
15th January : Spotlight on Falling for Sarah (Story, Playlist, Funfacts and Reviews)
22nd January : Spotlight on Hailey's Truth (Story, Playlist, Funfacts and Reviews)

Now, onto The Interview!
Thank you Ms.Beauman for agreeing to do this @b00k r3vi3ws. Hope you are all settled and comfy? Okay then…
When did you first realize that you wanted to tell stories to the world? What was your first step towards becoming an author?
I think there were a lot of little things that brought me to my moment of realization. For years I knew something was missing in my life. I didn’t have any major passions. I love being a wife and mom; I enjoy working with children, but I never had anything that ‘filled me up’ personally.  I always felt like there was something more I wanted to do but had no clue what it was.  After my family and I relocated from the Northeast to the South, my new path started to unfold. We were hundreds of miles from family and friends and the comforts of home. I’d accepted a job that I truly despised and quit promptly afterward. 
The economy in the States isn’t great. My husband and I had pretty much resigned ourselves to being broke as a one-income family until I could secure new employment. After the kids would leave for school each day, I would either paint a room in our new home or read a Nora Roberts novel and gorge myself on chocolates. I was miserable!  
One evening, out of nowhere, after finishing the novel I had been reading, I had this epiphany. I decided right then and there that I was going to write a book of my own. I scribbled down some basic ideas and the next day, I got to work. Weeks later, I had a rough draft—and I do mean rough draft!  I joined a critiquing site, Critique Circle, where I learned so many wonderful things about the craft of telling a good story and met some really great writing friends.  That’s how my career began. Two years and a few months later, I’m a best selling author! Who knew?

Do you outline your books or just start writing? 
I’m definitely not a rigid writer, but I do use a vague outline for my first drafts. I find that having a good grasp of the main conflicts and detailed character sketches more helpful than planning everything out step by step. The details come together as I get to know my characters better.  By the second draft I know just what needs to be revised and go from there.

Research! You must have done a lot of research for your books, especially Hailey’s truth. Tell us about it.
Research is a HUGE part of storytelling.  It’s impossible to bring characters and situations to life if you don’t know what you’re talking about.  I actually LOVE to research.  It’s such an exciting way to learn new things.  I pretty much follow the same research routine before I begin each novel.  After I figure out what I want the story to be about, I make a list of topics I don’t know enough about, which often leads to MORE topics I didn’t realize I didn’t know anything about and get to work. I watch documentaries and YouTube, read books and articles, do personal interviews, access pictures via Google Images, and keep my eyes open for related topics in the news.  

Why did you choose to have a feisty Morgan & equally strong-willed Hunter fall in love? 
Often times when I read a book I notice that the hero and heroine have personalities that compliment each other well.  True, they have their conflicts, but at the end of the day, they mesh. I really wanted to mixt that up with Morgan and Hunter. The main characters of Morgan’s Hunter definitely do NOT complement one another—at least not right away.  When Morgan and Hunter first meet, they dislike each other intensely, yet they are drawn to one another despite their constant arguing and sniping.  Strong chemistry and attraction often create powerful emotion. There’s no shortage of heat between these two. Eventually they figure things out in their own way, but they’ll always have sparks.  

If you had a chance to change Ethan & Sarah’s story, would you ever consider making Sarah take that first step?
No! Ethan and Sarah’s story wouldn’t be the same with such a huge change. Sarah loved her husband deeply. Part of her conflict is coming to grips with his death and moving on with life. Ethan too struggles with the guilt of loving a woman he thinks he has no right to.  Both of those scenarios work best if Ethan makes the first move in changing their relationship. 

What is the one thing about Austin & Hailey’s relationship that never made it into the book?
I really thought about this question for quite some time and the simple answer is nothing was left off the pages.  Hailey and Austin are well-developed characters chalked full of beautiful flaws.  Hailey tends to be sweet and na├»ve to the point that she finds herself in danger, and Austin wants to fix everything in Hailey’s life by cushioning her from the truth, which isn’t necessarily the right answer.  At times readers want to hug these two and at others give them a good smack.  I think great characters possess a fair share of positive and negative qualities we can all relate to.   

I hear that you are working on the fourth novel in the Series called Forever Alexa. Care to give us a Teaser?
I’m excited to report that Forever Alexa will be available for release this May. If you’ve read Hailey’s Truth, you already know Jackson Matthews, Ethan Cooke Security’s gorgeous bodyguard with a great sense of humor. Jackson is in for the surprise of his life when he runs into a blast from his past, Alexa Harris. 
Alexa never thought she would see Jackson again after he broke her heart one long ago night in college, but then her sister, Abby, disappears. Ransom calls and death threats force Alexa to flee her quiet home in Maryland to seek Jackson’s help before her sister is lost forever. Together again, Alexa will be forced to reveal shocking secrets to the man she once loved while they attempt to rescue Abby from a hell neither could have imagined. 

What is the best and worst advice you ever received?
I think the best advice I’ve ever received is to never stop trying.  If you want something bad enough you won’t give up despite the obstacles. Even on my worst days as a writer, I try to remember those simple words and it helps me keep going.
The worst advice… I had an editor tell me that I should give up on writing.  I’m SO glad I didn’t listen. I think three best sellers speak for themselves!

Now time for some fun stuff!
What one quirk or characteristic of yours did you give your character? Who was it?
I had to ask my husband for help with this one because I never set out to intentionally give any of my quirks or characteristics to my characters.  My husband’s simple, yet not so simple answer was that there are bits and pieces of me in all of my characters (except for the seriously disturbed ones!).  Apparently, I’m as stubborn as Morgan, have a strong sense of family like Sarah, and say a lot of the things Hailey does. 

Who is your Celebrity Crush?
This is a hard one.  I LOVE American football!  The New England Patriots are my favorite team.  I think Tom Brady and Wes Welker are pretty darn dreamy!  I also really like Matt Damon!  All three men are fantastic to look at and are very talented professionals. 

One High school ‘awkward’ moment… (and no you cannot pass this one)
My awkward moment didn’t take place in the hallowed halls of my high school.  Mine actually happened on the quarter mile drive to and from the bank to my house.  I had just gotten my driver’s license and I was hot to trot to get out there and spread my new found wings.  My mother had a standard shift vehicle and the clutch was very temperamental. I had driven the car before with just a bit of trouble so I thought I could handle a quick drive to the bank all on my own.  WRONG!  As soon as I turned on the main road, I got nervous and stalled! Of course that made me even more nervous and I stalled a million and a half more times.  That little car bucked and jerked more times than I can count. I sat at an intersection, wasting an entire green light, while people honked!  On my return drive, I didn’t do any better. My neighbors laughed while they watched me try to get back to the driveway! It was SO embarrassing!     

If you were the Casting Director for the Movie Series based on The Bodyguards of LA county, who would you cast for which role?
This question was really hard for me mainly because I can’t stand watching movies based on books.  They’re NEVER as good as the book and the characters never, ever, ever look or reflect the image I have of them in my mind.  I think I’ll leave this question right here because if I start dropping names of who the characters could be in my mind, I’ll sway who they are in the imagination of the readers.   

5 Things on your Bucket List!
Travel to Italy and Greece
Have a house by the ocean
Swim with dolphins 
Make the New York Times Bestseller list
Meet Nora Roberts

Quick Choices:
Pizza or Pasta?  
Pizza with fresh mozzarella and tons of veggies
Mocha or iced tea? 
Iced tea, please—decaffeinated
Hercule Poirot or Ms. Marple? 
Miss Marple. I’ve actually never read an Agatha Christie novel but I’ll always vote for a woman. Girl power! 
Jack Sparrow or Willy Wonka? 
Definitely Jack Sparrow.  Willy Wonka gives me the creeps! 
George Clooney or Brad Pitt? 
Brad Pitt—pre-Angelina Jolie!  

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Ms.Beauman has kindly offered to giveaway digital copies of Morgan's Hunter, Falling for Sarah and Haley's Truth to One Lucky Winner! Yes, that's right - all three books will go to one winner! So what are you waiting for? Go enter the rafflecopter below and try your luck!!

The Winner is:
Dione Sage

28 January, 2013

#BlogHop :: Young Adult Giveaway Hop

Young Adult Giveaway Hop
January 29th - February 4th
Co-hosted by BookLove101

An intense look at the rules of high school attraction -- and the price that's paid for them.
It happens every year. A list is posted, and one girl from each grade is chosen as the prettiest, and another is chosen as the ugliest. Nobody knows who makes the list. It almost doesn't matter. The damage is done the minute it goes up.
This is the story of eight girls, freshman to senior, "pretty" and "ugly." And it's also the story of how we see ourselves, and how other people see us, and the tangled connection of the two.

Senior year is over, and Lucy has the perfect way to celebrate: tonight, she's going to find Shadow, the mysterious graffiti artist whose work appears all over the city. He's out there somewhere—spraying color, spraying birds and blue sky on the night—and Lucy knows a guy who paints like Shadow is someone she could fall for. Really fall for. Instead, Lucy's stuck at a party with Ed, the guy she's managed to avoid since the most awkward date of her life. But when Ed tells her he knows where to find Shadow, they're suddenly on an all-night search around the city. And what Lucy can't see is the one thing that's right before her eyes.

My wish is to fall cranium over Converse in dizzy daydream-worthy love.
Marcie has been dragged away from home for the summer--from Idaho to a family summerhouse in New Hampshire. She's left behind her friends, a group of freaks and geeks called the Leftovers, including her emo-rocker boyfriend, and her father. By the time Labor Day rolls around, Marcie suspects this "summer vacation" has become permanent. She has to start at a new school, and there she leaves behind her Leftover status when a cute boy brings her breakfast and a new romance heats up. But understanding love, especially when you've watched your parents' affections end, is elusive. Can you even know it until you've lost it?

These books look so Yummylicious and they are on my TBR list too! I for one cannot choose which one to go for first. So, the winner of this Giveaway Hop will be choosing a book not only for herself/himself, but also for me :) 

Just make sure that The Book Depository Ships to your country and you are all set to enter the Giveaway! Now go on... what are you waiting for? Enter in the Rafflecopter below!

The Winner is Amanda S

Now onto the other Blogs hosting this Giveaway:

#GuestPost :: Top Five by Heidi Acosta, Author of Barbie Girl

Hello and thank you Debdatta, for inviting me to do a guest post on b00k r3vi3ws. The most common question I am often asked when people find out I am an author is “How do you write?” Of course writing is the number one thing you do, by just putting words down. All one really needs is some paper and a pen. The writing process can be done anywhere. I once read about an author who wrote an entire novel in a closet! So although you can write anywhere, it does help to have certain luxuries. I put together my top five must haves in order to write: 
1. A cup of coffee, I don’t even think I need it. But it is all about the romantic notion of siting in a little coffee shop and pouring my soul out onto paper.
2. Note books. I collect notebooks. I always keep a note pad on me, too. You never know when an idea will strike. And nothing is worse than trying to piece together a chapter that was written on receipts and napkins!
3. A stick drive. I have lost entire works from computer crashes. Now I always back up on a stick drive as I write.
4. Lap top is a must during the holidays. My laptop went to the big Motherboard in the sky over the holidays. I was so lost without it. I felt like I lost one of my arms. I could not function without it.
5. Music. I always have my iPod on or Pandora playing when I am writing. It helps me think and gets the creative juices flowing.

Lots of love, Heidi Acosta

About the Book

The only thing that 17 year old Barbie Starr wants to do is graduate high school so she and her little brother, Everett, can get out of Alabama. She doesn’t care about the rumors that are spread around about her like wild fire. Rumors are nothing new to her. Sure, maybe she could change her reputation, but why bother. She is leaving Alabama as soon as she can. That is, if she can pass algebra and graduate.

The only thing Dylan Knight would like to do is go through high school unnoticed; he has had enough of the drama that is high school. He took the whole of last summer to bulk-up: finally he is not being called names or being shoved into lockers. He wants to remain on the outside of the circle of constant rumors that surround the so-called popular kids who get all the attention. He would not, however, mind if his long time crush Katie took notice of him. 

But it is Barbie who notices Dylan and she offers him a deal he can’t pass up: if he helps her pass algebra, she’ll help him get the girl of his dreams. Dylan agrees, but, as it turns out, nothing is simple when it comes to Barbie. Somehow, she can’t help but draw attention to herself — and to him. Soon Dylan finds himself tossed into the whirlwind of rumors that seem to follow Barbie everywhere. Can he save his reputation and still get the girl of his dreams? Or will Barbie be the one to break through his carefully-built facade?

About the Author
Heidi Acosta was born on Long Island, New York. Moving around a lot when she was younger, she has lived in New York, Arizona, New York (again), Washington, Georgia, and Florida, in that order. Each place offered her something special, but she will always consider New York her home.
Heidi started writing as soon as she could spell. When she was three, Heidi’s mother gave her a copy of Laura Ingalls Wilder’s Little House in the Big Woods; thus beginning her lifelong love affair with literature.
Writing soon also became a form of therapy for Heidi, when she realized that no matter what was happening in her life, she could find emotional escape while writing. Some of her earliest stories featured her as a princess who explored new worlds with her horse Buttercup. If it sounds romantic, it wasn’t, there was no prince charming in those fairy lands (boys where yucky).
Heidi now resides in Florida with her husband, very active daughter, one hyper Chihuahua, two sweet cats, and one very fat moody cat.
Barbie Girl is the first Novel of Heidi’s new, four-book, Baby Doll Series: Barbie Girl, Barbie World, Doll Face, and Southern Sugar.

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26 January, 2013

#Spotlight :: Rehearsal Of Chaotic Currents by LK Hunsaker

Format : Paperback, 612 pages
Published :  December 7th 2012 by Elucidate Publishing
ISBN : 0988712032 (ISBN13: 9780988712034)

The Raucous crew is on the road moving along toward the end of the Seventies. With several number one hits and a UK tour, the band is set for bigger things and larger adventures. Along the route, false rumors and relationship strains abound, and a dangerous curve threatens to overturn their journey. 

When a sudden explosion rocks them to their cores, the band members, management, and fans question their future. 

Book Trailer

5 Little Known Facts about Rehearsal

1) The band in the book was inspired by an actual band from my pre-teen years and I've met a couple of the members of that band as an adult. I enjoy seeing the similarities between what I created way back when and the realities that I've recently learned, including an odd name coincidence.

2) Book 3 was originally named In Refluent Waters and it was nearly twice as long. Since 900 or so pages felt too heavy for one novel and I was afraid no one would dare touch it at that length, I separated it late last year, set the 2nd half aside with the name I had given it, and renamed the first part to Of Chaotic Currents. Of course since I'd just shortened it, I had more play room and added a few more scenes. Book 4, In Refluent Waters, will follow shortly since it is all but finished.

3) Each book title of the series comes from a quote appropriate to that part of the story. A Different Drummer was from Henry David Thoreau. The Highest Aim was from St. Thomas Aquinas. Of Chaotic Currents is from Carl Jung. You can find the quotes in the front of each book and on the series page: http://www.lkhunsaker.com/Rehearsal/main.htm

4) I started to learn the guitar while writing this series in order to get a better feel for the main characters and the music process. I haven't gotten far with that, but I still work at it now and then. I also dabble with the piano and played drums in high school! I'm fully music obsessed.

5) The original plan was to do this story in four books. After the second one, I knew it would take 5 instead. Then I divided #3 to make it a series of 6. Now I'm not sure it shouldn't be 7, but I'm trying to keep it at 6. The sequel is already very much in progress.

And a bit of a bonus... every book I write outside the Rehearsal series also relates to it in some way.

About the Author

LK Hunsaker is the author of a string of intertwined novels centered around the arts and societal issues, combined with strong romantic elements. Spouse of a career soldier, she has traveled widely, moved several times, raised two children, and earned degrees in psychology and art. Her short stories, poems, articles, and book reviews have been published in literary ezines and print magazines. She is now settled in western Pennsylvania.

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25 January, 2013

#GuestPost : 'Why I Write' by Bisi Leyton

Why I have to write Paranormal, Fantasy, Sci-fi or whatever they call it.

Absolutely no one has ever asked me why I write science fiction, but still I feel I should answer the question because I ask that to myself a lot.

1. I don't know anywhere
Growing up, I wasn’t allowed to go out a lot and I moved countries a few times, so I can't really say I know any one place well. Added to that I didn’t have that many friends, I was left with the ones I imagined. So as a writer, rather than try to blag my way through New York, Chicago, London or Albuquerque, I'd much rather create my own place, my own people and my own customs.
As a teenager, I ended up in a small town in Nebraska, but there’s no way I could write a story about a town of 5,000 because there isn’t a lot to write about. Don’t get me wrong peace and quiet are wonderful things for living, and for having time to imagine up very bizarre and shorting scenarios especially when the town had no mall, no cinema, two supermarkets, three gas stations and no partridge in a pear tree.

2. A part of me doesn’t believe in good people.
We are capable of doing good things, but people are also mean and horrible too. It just a matter of degrees and I love to write about messed up people who pronounce time and time again I am a good person.  I’m more fascinated in the person trying to improve themselves or come to terms with their limitations and often it takes an zombie attack or patch of winged demon-mermaid-vampire to help people come to terms who they really are. Then they try to be better people.

3. The Real World is Overrated
My imagination started to go crazy when I was twelve and realised that I could make anything I want happen as long as it was in my own head and also started reading teen novels. I'd read classics such as Nancy Drew, Sweet Valley High and the Fair Away tree and like a lot of people, I interjected themselves into the stories. In these tales, I was the centre of the universe and absolutely fantastic, but not having anyone to talk to about my fantasies and needing to, I figured writing was a good outlet.
Growing up, I was always wanted to be taken away from my life, but one solace I had was the writing. As my one escape from reality, I hope that somehow reading my work will provide my readers the same escape when they need a break.

4. Because I just do
This was what I was put on earth to do and it makes me happy.

About the Book

Sixteen year old Wisteria Kuti has two options—track the infected around the Isle of Smythe or leave the only known safe haven and face a world infested with flesh eating biters. But even with well-armed trackers, things go wrong and Wisteria ends up alone facing certain death, until she is rescued by the mysterious Bach. Uninfected, Bach is able to survive among the hordes of living dead.

Eighteen year old Bach, from a race known as The Family, has no interest in human affairs. He was sent here to complete his Great Walk and return home as a man—as a Sen Son. The Family regard humans as Dirt People, but Bach is drawn to this Terran girl, whom he has never seen before, but somehow knows. 

Hunted by flesh eaters, cannibals, and the mysterious blood thirsty group called Red Phoenix, Wisteria and Bach make their way back to the Isle of Smythe, a community built on secrets and lies.

Praise for Wisteria

“I love the buildup of this story, getting to know the characters and watching their connection grow. I had no idea which way the story was headed and I was kept in suspense right up to the very end! It has plenty of action and a fascinating plot and I can’t wait to see what Bisi Leyton has for us next!!” 

“There are a lot of great things in this book, so much more than zombies and a struggle for survival. At it’s base core it is about star-crossed lovers, literally and the supporting characters roles… Ms. Leyton brings to Wisteria a mixture of science fiction, fantasy, dystopic world with a twist to the paranormal romance angle!”

“The book was full of nonstop action from the beginning until the end, and I did not put it down until I had finished it. I loved the book.” 

Purchase Links

Book Trailer

Audiobook Excerpt

Author Bisi Leyton

Bisi Leyton was born in East London in 1978. She grew up in London, Nigeria and the States, listening to the stories life and love from aunts, cousins and big sisters.
She lives in London, but has worked around Europe including France, Germany, Ireland, Belgium and the Czech Republic. She has a fondness for reading graphic novels.


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a Rafflecopter giveaway 

a Rafflecopter giveaway
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