26 January, 2013

#Spotlight :: Rehearsal Of Chaotic Currents by LK Hunsaker

Format : Paperback, 612 pages
Published :  December 7th 2012 by Elucidate Publishing
ISBN : 0988712032 (ISBN13: 9780988712034)

The Raucous crew is on the road moving along toward the end of the Seventies. With several number one hits and a UK tour, the band is set for bigger things and larger adventures. Along the route, false rumors and relationship strains abound, and a dangerous curve threatens to overturn their journey. 

When a sudden explosion rocks them to their cores, the band members, management, and fans question their future. 

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5 Little Known Facts about Rehearsal

1) The band in the book was inspired by an actual band from my pre-teen years and I've met a couple of the members of that band as an adult. I enjoy seeing the similarities between what I created way back when and the realities that I've recently learned, including an odd name coincidence.

2) Book 3 was originally named In Refluent Waters and it was nearly twice as long. Since 900 or so pages felt too heavy for one novel and I was afraid no one would dare touch it at that length, I separated it late last year, set the 2nd half aside with the name I had given it, and renamed the first part to Of Chaotic Currents. Of course since I'd just shortened it, I had more play room and added a few more scenes. Book 4, In Refluent Waters, will follow shortly since it is all but finished.

3) Each book title of the series comes from a quote appropriate to that part of the story. A Different Drummer was from Henry David Thoreau. The Highest Aim was from St. Thomas Aquinas. Of Chaotic Currents is from Carl Jung. You can find the quotes in the front of each book and on the series page: http://www.lkhunsaker.com/Rehearsal/main.htm

4) I started to learn the guitar while writing this series in order to get a better feel for the main characters and the music process. I haven't gotten far with that, but I still work at it now and then. I also dabble with the piano and played drums in high school! I'm fully music obsessed.

5) The original plan was to do this story in four books. After the second one, I knew it would take 5 instead. Then I divided #3 to make it a series of 6. Now I'm not sure it shouldn't be 7, but I'm trying to keep it at 6. The sequel is already very much in progress.

And a bit of a bonus... every book I write outside the Rehearsal series also relates to it in some way.

About the Author

LK Hunsaker is the author of a string of intertwined novels centered around the arts and societal issues, combined with strong romantic elements. Spouse of a career soldier, she has traveled widely, moved several times, raised two children, and earned degrees in psychology and art. Her short stories, poems, articles, and book reviews have been published in literary ezines and print magazines. She is now settled in western Pennsylvania.

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