14 January, 2013

#Interview :: Terry Long, Author of The Notorious Proposal

Today I am ecstatic to have Terry Long, Author of ‘The Notorious Proposal’ on my blog.
Terry Long is the third of five vivacious girls.  When she isn’t scheming with her adoring siblings, one can most definitely catch her reading a delicious novel.  When growing up, she wanted to be a child caretaker, but had promptly relinquished the idea after the family’s first unmanageable dog.  During her early adult years, she decided to step into the automobile industry and dedicated a long decade in the field, before discovering her true passion.  Terry now gleefully rolls up her sleeves and writes at every chance she gets- that is, if she’s not daydreaming about her newest novel.  She is married and currently resides in the heart of California with her sweetie.

Welcome Terry, hope you are comfortable? Then let us delve straight into your book - tell us what ‘The Notorious Proposal’ is about. 
The Notorious Proposal is about an uncompromising man named, Michael Langdon, who believes his brother’s latest love interest is a conniving woman. There is no stopping him from doing everything in his power to keep her at bay from young Victor, including marrying her himself.

Would you like to introduce Michael & Ally to my readers? 
Michael Langdon is a brute, sure. But you will get to see a softer side and perhaps come to love him as the story unfolds. Ally Overton, the poor girl, has no idea what the upper crust men are capable of until she meets the worst of the lot. She can hold her own just fine, though, feisty as she is, and she is going to give Langdon everything back full force.  

What one quirk or characteristic of yours did you give your character? Who was it? 
Oh! Haha! The garment-twisting that Ally does. Many young people do this when wedged with a quandary, and I thought it might be an endearing habit.

If your book was to be made into a movie and you had free reign to choose the cast – who would you cast?
For my hero, I’d choose Jesse Metcalfe and my heroine would have to be Charlize Theron.

Quick Choices:
Pizza or Pasta? Pasta
Mocha or iced tea? Iced tea
Hercule Poirot or Ms. Marple? Ms. Marple
Jack Sparrow or Willy Wonka? Jack Sparrow
George Clooney or Brad Pitt? Brad—sans the beard

What's next? How do you see your writing career progressing?
Currently, I’m working on a handful of stories, but have weeded out a particular one called, Lady Hellion. This romance is also set in Regency and contains a mysterious man who is hired to track down a lady who is, you guessed it—a hellion. Good luck to him (he’s going to need it)! :) This novel will be completed by spring 2013!

Thanks Terry for being here today and we'll be looking forward to meeting this mysterious man soon!

The stern and no-nonsense, Michael Langdon, wants nothing more than a quiet, peaceful life. He wasn't getting any of that, he realized, as soon as he brought home a contradicting, galling wife. Ally is maddening… and tempting, all in one small, luscious package. Perhaps his marriage isn't so disagreeable after all.

“Their romance gets very hot and the scenes are unforgettable and heartrending." ~~ Claire Chu on Amazon

"First of all, let me just say that I had the rare luxury of reading all esimated 300 pages in one sitting in just under 5 hours, which was just fantastic because otherwise I would have been frustrated at having been constantly interrupted by having to find a stopping point to put this book down... SIX STARS!!!" ~~ Ricardo Amado on Amazon

"For all the hopeless romantics out there, this book will not disappoint. I am looking forward to reading more novels by this author." ~~ Soriya Thach on Amazon

An Excerpt

“What are you doing in here?” She pulled the sheets all around her, tucking them beneath
her weight. The woman acted like a bloody virgin!

He stood taller and tugged at the hem of his coat. “I’m here with an intention to make you
an agreement.”

“Great. Another proposal. I’m afraid to ask,” she mumbled, the distrust in her eyes clearly visible, even in the dimly-lit chamber.

Upon hearing the languid reply, the corners of his mouth curved upward. Ah, yes, another
proposal. “If you swear on your father’s grave—”

Ally gasped. Her mouth opened as wide as her eyes.

He shifted his weight uncomfortably at the sight of her horrified face. He’d never been any good at communicating with women. “If you give me your word that you’d not defy me in front of my servants, I will let you out of this chamber… within boundaries.”

She nodded rather feverishly.

“Now, not so fast. At least look as if you mean it.”

Losing the rigidness in her spine, Ally cocked her head to the side. “I do mean it.”

Michael liked the childlike look on her face: the wide, innocent eyes, the small crease that appeared between her perfectly arched brows, and the slight pout of her bottom lip. “Give me your word,” he said, only because he wanted to look at her a while longer.

Ally sat up, the sheets falling around her waist, forgotten. “I give you my word. I won’t
defy you in front of anyone.”

Willing his eyes to stay on her face, instead of descending lower, he said tightly, “Good.”

“Unless we’re alone.” Her eyes were bright with mischief.

He grinned at that. “Of course, imp.”

Also Check Out Terry's recent Release:

Penelope Paine had never encountered a man who went out of his way to disturb a woman’s bubble of serenity, until she met Victor Langdon, her employer’s infuriating brother. 
For the life of him, Langdon couldn’t leave the governess alone. The tempting woman amused him beyond reason with her proper-as-a-nun appearance, but sharp-as-blade tongue.
All it took for Penelope to see her own heart was when a festive Christmas ball goes awry, but will Langdon’s sweltering attraction be doused to scorn when dismal secrets arise? 

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  1. What do you love most about writing historical romance fictions?

  2. How do you choose your character's names?

  3. Hello! It's so nice to be here.

    Dione, since only the exceedingly lucky ones get to live with storybook-perfect men who makes their women sigh and swoon, who are ruggedly handsome and practically capable of lifting a car over their heads, I am left to daydream. Writing takes me there and God knows I try my damnest to go there whenever I can! :)

    Sheila, I have a list all written out and simply choose the most fitting for the character I create. This sometimes takes a while, but it's definitely amusing!

    Good luck to both of you on the giveaway!! This was fun!

    Terry Long