27 February, 2013

#BookReview :: Only In Her Dreams (The Oneiroi #1) by Christina McKnight

When Lucessa Sarcona awakes from a recurring dream, she has no idea her life is about to be turned upside down. A stranger, familiar to her dreams, shows up in the flesh, and Lucessa knows she’s either crazy or experiencing something not of this world.

A war ensues between three demigod brothers. One, trained to rule Erebos, is violently replaced. One forced to return to his homeland and lead the dream-gods of the Oneiroi. And one is charged with the impossible task of protecting Lucessa. How is she linked to the Oneiroi? Why do two brothers seek to keep her hidden and protected? And how does another plan to use her against the two demigods who love her?

Will Lucessa’s dream man have the courage to claim her as his own or will he bow to the command of another, forsaking the one he loves?

Only in Her Dreams is a modern spin on a Greek legend--the new direction of Urban Fantasy and Paranormal Romance, moving from angels, demons, vampires, and witches and toward the realm of demigods.

After years of therapy, Lucessa Sarcona, is finally dealing with her loss and moving on with life. With one small exception of a recurring dream about the same man for over two decades, her life is almost normal. That is until the man of her dreams literally walks into her life. Maxim’s appearance in her life makes Lucessa question her sanity at first, but pretty soon she learns to take things in her stride. For instance, her link to the world of Oneiroi, the identity of her father and the truth about her husband! Really this story has twists waiting for you at every corner.

Granted that she can frustrate you, but the character of Lucessa is really strong and loveable. The things she has had to experience in life aren’t all rosy, yet she is quick to ‘believe’ and take things into her stride. While her behavior towards Greg and Maxim are conflicting, as a reader it was pretty easy to feel her insecurities and quirks and actually understand her. Maxim is strong and honorable and Greg is just plain creepy. While Lucessa’s character was well developed, I felt that the demi-gods had more ‘humanity’ in them than godly characteristics. I really felt that the ‘x-factor’ was missing in the demi-gods.

As a plot, ‘Only in her Dreams’ is good with the potential of being amazing. It’s a whole new world out there at Oneirei, one that I find intriguing and would love to explore more of. The author’s general language is easy going and the pace of the story is set after the first few chapters. The elements of Love, Loss and Sacrifice have been blended well into the plot. While I enjoying reading a book with more than POV, this book zipped back and forth between different POVs a bit too much. But the number of amazing twists simple makes up for it. The letdown was the climax which wasn’t all what the story was building up to.

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