11 March, 2013

#BookReview :: Falling for a Bollywood Legend by Mahi Jay

Aadith Varma is the hottest guy in Bollywood-in keeping with his latest movie role,he is known as the ultimate romantic hero.Until his PR manager ruins his reputation by conveying him as the ultimate playboy! Aadith needs someone to help redeem his image fast,the movie's success depends upon it.That person has to be Nina Shah,she's the best PR person in the business,except he and Nina have a past...

Nina doesn't want the job, she once lived next door to Aadith and had a crush on him,but devastatingly, he rejected her advances, thinking that she was too young. Nina was crushed,and has avoided bumping into him in the film industry. Now they are face to face again. Aadith sees that Nina is all grown up and absolutely gorgeous, but he is not interested in marriage. Nina knows that this time she needs to protect her heart from Aadith and she will certainly stand up to him. Sparks might fly between them,but resisting each other? That's impossible!

It has been quite some time since I last picked up a Mills & Boon Romance and so when I got the chance to Read and Review the latest Mills & Boon by an Indian Author, I jumped up for it.

In her debut novel, the author introduces us to Aadith Varma, a Bollywood hotshot actor with a playboy image. Now with a romantic movie lined up and in production, he needs to clear up his image. As he looks for the best PR in business, Nina Shah’s name comes upon his radar – a name that brings back some memories. Nina Shah on the other hand is busy juggling various accounts, including that of a famous cricketer and aiming for the Vice-President position of her organization when Aadith Varma breezes into her office. The mere sight of him outs Nina on high alert as she had never forgotten the rejection that she had faced from him during her teenage years. But Aadith is used to having what he wants and right now he wants her. As their professional lives bring them together, they have to handle their personal equation too before it is too late.

The thing about Mills and Boon romance is that the plot is always simple. You know how it is going to play out even before you pick it up. This book was no exception. So the only thing that makes a book stand apart from others in this series is the characterization and the writing style. Mahi Jay has kept her writing style true to a Mills and Boon romance. Smooth flow in the story with simple language makes it an ‘easy to get into’ story. The characters are well developed. I loved Nina for she is a strong, career oriented girl and definitely go-getter. She works in the entertainment industry mostly and she has never let her success go to her head. She is a perfect reflection of modern day woman. Aadith on the other hand is all about the larger than life Bollywood industry. There’s a lot of glam-sham on the outside and a lot of loneliness on the inside. I liked the way he realized his loss just in time and took steps to retain the love of his life in his life. And, I feel that Aadith’s Daadi needs a special mention here. She is helluva lady.

It was overall a fast and light read that I enjoyed reading.

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