16 April, 2013

#CharacterInterview :: The Senses Tracker Balen Hero of “Jump” by Cindy Paterson

Centuries of loyalty :: His code of honor was respected without question, until he consumed the blood of an enemy in exchange for a mortal woman to be set free from certain slavery.
He can’t forget her :: Despite knowing, he will be imprisoned and put to death if caught, Balen, a fierce Senses Tracker, returns to Toronto to find the mortal woman, Danielle, he left behind two years ago. Haunted with memories of the torture they endured in the hands of a Senses enemy, Balen’s determination to see her again, drives him to risk everything. But when he does, a new enemy comes into play, one he can’t defeat. 
To conquer the wrath of fear :: Determined to find some sort of peace after her abduction, Danielle finds solace in painting a man from her nocturnal unconsciousness. When he comes knocking on her door, her world is shattered and Danielle must face her worst fears in order to survive what is coming after them. It won’t stop. It can’t. For the ancient spell has no compassion. 
A journey of tenacious desire that refuses to fade even though that is what will destroy them. Because—in order for Danielle to live, first she must die.

The Senses Tracker Balen
Hero of “Jump”
Book ONE in the senses series

I’m so excited to be sitting down with Balen, a Senses Tracker from Cindy Paterson’s novel JUMP. 
Thank you Balen for joining us today. I know Cindy has asked that we keep it short as there are some issues that need attending to. 
Balen flashes a smile. “My pleasure, DDS. And the issues can wait. Xamien is currently keeping Cindy…” he pauses, “occupied.” 
I blink. Wow. Not touching that one. “Umm, okay so…” I rub my pen against my thigh and avoid looking at him because all I can think about is him and his tattoos, and him undressing, and… stop. Ask the questions. “I was pretty shocked reading what happened to you and Danielle. I can’t imagine what you went through while watching her being tortured by that vamp and you were helpless to do anything.”
Balen raises his brows. “Right through the heart with your first question. Impressive.” 
“We have limited time and—”
“No need, DDS.” 
I watch as he leans back in his chair and crosses his ankles. He has a pensive look on his face that makes it even worse for where my imagination is going.
“I didn’t know Danielle at the time. And yes, the images, her screams, they still haunt me.” His gaze meets mine. “But I was never helpless, DDS. I had the power to stop what happened.”
“And you did. You sacrificed everything to save her. You broke Senses laws and drank a vamp’s blood. You were hunted by your own kind for years. All for a woman you didn’t even know.”
He gives a single, curt nod. “It was never a sacrifice. Not with her. Never for her.”
“So, what was it like getting to know Danielle?”
Slowly his eyes become hooded and I’m taken back by his allure. I wonder if he knows how captivating he is. All he has to do is sit there and I’m completely taken. 
“I was unable to see Danielle for two years after our imprisonment with the vamp. That time was the most enraging and frustrating days of my life. I was drawn to Danielle even in our tragic circumstance. She has this magnetic quality about her.” He pauses again. “Stubborn. And she fought him…”
“The vamp, you mean.” I can see this is hard to talk about even years later. Balen’s brows are lowered over his eyes and he is running his finger up and down his coffee mug. Interesting. The memory is still really raw and rightly so.
Balen nods and says nothing.
“I’m sorry. For you both. Well, I wanted to ask about Danielle transitioning into a Senses. That was a scene I’ll never forget. I mean she had to die. You watched. Care to explain how that feels?”
“No. I will not. You read the book, it is very clear what we went through. And if you ever mention it to Danielle, I will have words with you.”
Holy shit. Even though he remained in that relaxed position, I notice his hand tightens around the mug. His jaw is clenched and his eyes are piercing. Double shit. I should have asked Cindy to interview Jedrik. At least Jedrik was a flirt and charming. Balen has the sexy appeal that can eat me alive. “Let’s move on then.”
“Good idea.”
I swallow. “When you first saw Danielle again, pick five words that went through your mind.”
“There was so much going through me the moment I saw her again. Anguish. Torture. Guilt. Desire. Need. If you’d have seen her back then, there was this undeniable fear in her eyes. She’d lost that fight.” He takes a deep breath. “Danielle had been stubborn and resilient when we first met in those cages, but afterwards…when I came back…it had eaten away at her. Danielle was the only woman I thought about for two years. So when I saw her again, it ripped me apart, but I knew at that moment that I would do anything for her.”
Wow, just wow. I knew I loved this man. He gives me a penetrating stare and I can’t get over how green his eyes are. Way better in person than just reading it. 
“Perhaps we can move on, DDS. To less invasive questions.”
“Yes, of course. I wanted to ask you about Cindy. What’s she like?”
“You would be better to ask Xamien that question.” He winks.
“But Xamien refused an interview. He says not until FALL is released in May. You must be able to share something.”
He grins. “She has Twix bars in her freezer for those late night writing. And…Well Alpha men are her thing. Just take a look at Xamien.”
“I don’t know Xamien. He wasn’t in JUMP.”
“You’ll meet him next month in FALL. A Taldeburu like Waleron.”
“Speaking of Waleron. He is one hard ass. Aren’t you ever afraid of him? He can put you in Rest and have you live your worst nightmares over and over again. Oh and what is with your Scars? I mean, wow. Tattoos coming to life. So cool. Not sure if I like Waleron’s, though. That snake tattoo is scary as hell.”
“Afraid?” he chuckles. “Waleron is one of the most powerful Senses in the world, but he lives and breathes his oaths. He protects us with everything he is. We wouldn’t be Senses if we feared our own kind. Understand DDS, the Senses are warriors. Not much can frighten us.”
“Unless it involves your woman.”
“There is that. Yes, we’re no doubt Alphas by nature.”
“What about Waleron and Delara?”
Balen glares. “That subject is not open for discussion.”
“I get it. I mean Waleron and Delara’s intensity is…well, damn its explosive. I had no idea what was going on between them.”
Balen’s cell rings and he reaches into his back jean pocket. “Yes?” … “Indeed.” … “I will tell her.” He ends the call and slips the phone into his pocket and stands.
My heart leaps as I look over his tall lean frame. If I could have one man, it would be him. 
“That was Cindy. She’d like me to wish you the best and thank you for having me.”
“It’s been a pleasure.” 
Balen smiles. “My love, the pleasure has been mine.”
I swear his words just sent my entire body into flames. I can’t take my eyes off him as he walks away.  

What Reviewers are saying!
“The characters are well-developed and the dialog was smooth.”
- Melissa Limoges on Amazon

“Anyone who enjoys fantasy, romance or vampire books will love it. ”

- DottieP on Amazon
"It's emotive. It picks at your scabs and if you have latent issues they'll start to bleed while you read this."
- Poppet on Goodreads
"I highly recommend this book if you love strong warriors, meddling, supernatural entities, a sprinkling of humor and an exciting plot. Well done Ms Paterson."
- Michelle (MsRomanticReads) on Goodreads
"Awesome read. I was captivated through out the entire book. "
- Linda Ramos on Goodreads

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