17 May, 2013

#GuestPost by #Author J. Cafesin

Writing fiction is intoxicating. Fully engaging. Hot. Sexual. Physical. Mental. Spacial. Virtually touching real if I'm doing it right, then enter the scene, a million miles from solitude...
I HATE marketing. Wish the only selling I had to do of my fiction was this:

Readers: read me because I write taut, edgy, modern fiction with complex, compelling characters that bring story live, and linger long after the reads...

Are you a writer, artist, developer? A passionate creator?

Then I know something about you, as you do me. We're self-absorbed, have to be. The creative process demands it, immersed inside our own heads playing with our imagination and formulating ideas. The execution process is even more demanding. Between the brain and actualization of an idea is the Grand Canyon, and requires many hours, intense focus and diligence to get to even close to producing something good.

Tom Edison knew, “Genius is one percent inspiration and ninety-nine percent perspiration.” And while he was a great inventor, by most accounts he was purported to be a rotten husband and a lousy father. Same with Charles Schultz of Peanuts fame. And Billy Joe Armstrong of Greenday.

James Whren, the protagonist in Reverb, is a master musician, a renowned guitarist and song writer. At 28, he's hot, at the top of his career, and wealthy from his talent which absorbs him. Desired by many, including his girlfriend, Julia, James in mostly inside his head, creating, or in studio producing. And while his music touches many, James does not. So passionately involved with himself and the creative process, he is unaware the importance of connecting with people, until his father shatters his life and James is left abandoned in hell with no one real to save him.

Reverb is told in three 'books.' Entropy, the first, chronicles James escape from Langside Priory Hospital in Scotland. His journey takes him to old colleagues, friends, and even his x-lover on his way to securing his freedom, each opening his eyes to the man he had been, and how many he'd left wanting.

Book Two, Recovery, James settles on the Greek island, Corfu, secure with a new identity and living in relative obscurity. Instead of feeling safe, memories of his torture the thirteen month he was locked up torment him, and loneliness consumes him.

After losing her husband in a terrorist bombing in Israel, Elisabeth takes their son, Cameron, to the quiet paradise on Corfu to figure out her next move. Saving herself and her son from the dangerous world beyond, she finds James ill, and starving to death in the house on the hill. With care, she brings him from the edge of the precipice. And with sharing, tolerance, compromise, compassion—the actions of love, in the third and final book in Reverb, they both achieve Balance.

Reverb is a love story, a psychological thriller paced with romantic suspense. It is contemporary literary fiction—modern, fast, edgy read like nothing you've read, guaranteed.

James Micheal Whren is brilliant, beautiful, rich, and taken—with his genius for creating music. He's desired by many, yet commits to no one but his muse. Just twenty-eight, and at the pinnacle of his career, on the eve of his brother's funeral his father shatters his life, and James is left abandoned in hell with no one real to save him. 

His odyssey to freedom takes him beyond the looking glass, to the reflection of friends and lovers. Humbled and alone, James escapes to the Greek island of Corfu. But instead of finding solace there, loneliness almost consumes him. 

Until Elisabeth, and her son, Cameron. 

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