08 May, 2013

#SpecialFeature :: Desert Shadow by Eileen Harris

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*** SPECIAL FEATURE - May'13 ***

Paul and Louise Weston are being attacked, their peaceful lifestyle threatened. They can run or they can fight back and try to preserve what they have worked so long to achieve. Fueled by a strong sense of justice, they first stand up for themselves, but quickly the stakes become higher, much higher. Who are these people invading their lives, and what is the strange object they are looking for? Will the mysterious Shadow Wolves be able to help them find the answers in time? 

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Edie Dykeman on Amazon says : The author's strong sense of place brings the desert alive. Readers will feel the beauty and experience the feeling of danger inherent in such a wide open landscape. Harris is able to describe the sounds and hushed movement taking place in the middle of the night in the high desert region to such a degree that you will likely feel shivers down your spine. The author is well acquainted with the area and it shows throughout the story line. Desert Shadow is a page-turner with engaging characters and an intriguing storyline. Hopefully Eileen will bring us more great stories from this region.

Character Interview of Louise and Paul Weston

Welcome Louise & Paul. You’ve had quite an adventure in ‘Desert Shadows’. Has everything settled down now?
“Okay, Paul, why don't you take that one.”
“All right.  Now that things are quiet along our section of the border, we aren't dealing with any criminals.  I'm not sure you could call things, “settled down,” though.  We've just gotten the green light to help with a cave exploration, and we're in the midst of packing for the trip.  No one has ever been all the way through these caverns, so it should be exciting.”

How’s the works on your dream home coming along?
We've always consider our home completely finished.  At least until the next crazy idea comes along.  We never plan to keep adding things.  It just seems to happen.

How are your children doing? Do they know of your adventures now? If yes, then how did they react?
“Louise, I'll let you take on the subject of the kids.”
“All three of them are doing fine. They lead nice normal lives without a lot of upheavals. They all seem quite happy. Oh, Davis, now has a serious girlfriend and we're expecting a wedding invitation soon. They know about most of our adventures, but we still haven't told them everything. We try to let out information in dribbles rather than telling them everything at once. We don't want to worry them any more than we have to.”

Louise, how is your writing coming along? Has your recent adventures given you new ideas for your books?
“I'm working on a new book now.  This one will center around some wild experiences connected to caving, but I want to wait to finish it until after our trip so that I can get the description right.

Paul, I think Louise’s abduction must have been a real hard time for you. Have you been able to cope with it?
“You're right, it was the most difficult time of my life so far. I think, no, I know I was very overprotective when I first got her back.  It didn't take long before she sat me down and told me to back off.  Now, so much has happened since, that those times are just one more incident we think of as memories."

How are things with George? Do you keep in touch?
George is fine now. He got shot in the leg by a different gang of drug dealers a few months back, but he was lucky and has recovered completely. When we're at home we see him at least once a week. He hasn't changed, and occasionally still gets us in trouble with Sheriff Jack from time to time.

Do you think that Eileen has any more adventures planned out for you?
We're never quite sure what she's going to do next. We know she's been stirring up things for several of our friends, and we certainly hope she doesn't forget about us.

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