29 May, 2013

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An Interview with Ms. Harris

What or who inspired you to start writing?
No one?  Everyone?  I've always loved to make up and tell stories.  My mother was an avid reader and encouraged me to be the same.  When my son had read nearly everything in our local library, I began writing some things for him.  Eventually I decided to try writing a book and haven't been able to quit since.

How did you come up with ideas for your books?
There is no answer for this question even though it comes up a lot.  Suddenly, and seemingly from nowhere, I realize an idea is trying to make it's way to the printed page.  The idea may come from something I see, hear, or even an idle comment someone makes.

When did you first decide to submit your work?
Like everyone that writes, I probably flirted with the idea from the time I put the first word on paper.  One day it just seemed like the right time.  I never stop feeling lucky that in these uncertain times my books found their way into print.

What is the best and worst advice you ever received?
This changes as I change.  Originally the best advice regarding writing I ever received was to put my butt in a chair and keep putting it there until I finished a book.  Later that changed to, “Learn everything you can about your craft.  The more you know the better you can be.”
The worst advice was probably, “Why bother writing since it's impossible to get published these days.”  I can't write hoping to be published or to make money.  I can only write because I love doing it.

Do you outline your books or just start writing?
When I begin a book I don't outline.  I have an idea, and then the characters do the work while I record their actions.  After several chapters are written, I often keep a brief outline to help me make sure things flow in a logical order.

What essentials do you need for writing?
A chair, a computer, and an idea.

What's your big distraction or vice while writing?
On a good day absolutely nothing can distract me.
If you were a casting director for the film version of Alicia Trent Series, who would play your lead roles?
My first choice would be Kristen Bell, the actress that played Veronica Mars in the TV series.

Besides writing, what else interests you?
I could use a whole page to answer this, but I will try to keep it brief.  Naturally I love to read.  I think most authors do.  I like physical sports such as tennis and racquet ball and enjoy spelunking. My family and the things we do together are important to me.  I could go on about friends, good TV and movies, good music, travel, gardening, etc.  For me, variety truly is the spice of life.

What three thing would you carry to the famous deserted island?
Assuming I couldn't take people and the island has no electricity - Paper, a black pen, and a red pen.

Have you started your next project?
Yes, two actually.  They are both very different from The Alicia Trent Series, as well as different from each other.  Naturally there is mystery, danger, and fun in both of them, but there the similarity ends. 

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