22 May, 2013

#SpecialFeature :: #Spotlight on Antique Legacy (Alicia Trent #4) by Eileen Harris

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*** SPECIAL FEATURE - May'13 ***

While the almost castle crumbles around them, Alicia desperately searches for the answers she wants and needs. Every creepy room demands a thorough search. Someone is trying to kill her, and she doesn't even know why, let alone, who. Each room she searches is a challenge and each is either fascinating or horrifying. The huge cat now follows her everywhere, even into closed rooms. If she can discover his secret before one of the murder attempts succeeds, maybe she can find the answers she needs. 

An Excerpt

I stood drinking in the beauty and thinking how different this scene would be on a night with no moonlight when I heard a noise behind me in the trees. I wondered if the deer was coming back for another look, or if some other night creature was hunting for a drink. I'd barely completed the thought when something slammed into my back, knocking me to the ground. I was lying on the muddy riverbank fighting furiously with the human weight on my back, and as we struggled, we slid down toward the water. For a moment the weight was gone, and I rolled over to see my attacker. I was sure it was a man, but couldn't make out a face. He seemed huge as he reached over and grabbed my ankles, giving me a jerk that stopped my downward slide. I was wracking my brain for something from my self-defense classes that would help me.

I realized how dangerous my situation was, and hoping sound carried out here in the quiet, I screamed. I got out four loud shouts before he slammed my face into the mud. I couldn't breathe, and held my breath to keep from inhaling sludge. I knew that in another few seconds I wouldn't be able to stop my body from trying to draw in air, when he grabbed my hair and yanked my head up. He was still behind me, but his voice confirmed it was a man when he said, “Keep quiet or the next time your face stays in the mud. I can kill you right here, dump your body in the water, and it might be years before they find you.”

I didn't recognize the voice because he was using a hoarse whisper to disguise the sound. I only knew of two men in the area, and wondered which cousin was trying to kill me. I wanted to scream again, but couldn't risk it. Pinning my arms, the man lifted me up and drug me back up the bank to the open area at the top. I didn't have much effect against his strength—he was very strong. Sitting on my legs so I couldn't kick him, he tied my hands behind my back. The pain in my shoulders was blinding when he rolled me over and pushed me down on my back. I couldn't kick, I couldn't hit him, and I could barely lift my head off the ground. I lay there covered with mud and held prisoner by a man I now realized was wearing a ski mask. I expected to die. When he reached down and grabbed my blouse, ripping it open, I tried to scream no matter what the consequences, but he immediately stuffed a muddy rag in my mouth. I'd never felt this helpless in my life, and fear threatened to wipe out all other emotions. Removing the remains of the blouse and my bra, he alternately caressed and pinched my breasts. I knew he was leaving bruises. My nausea was so strong I was sure I was going to vomit and choke to death. Since he was straddling me, I could feel his erection pressing against me. Next he reached inside my jeans, groping around. The jeans were wet with mud, and too tight to let him reach where he wanted. He cursed, removed his hand in order to unzip them, but then suddenly he hesitated and cocked his head to listen. I prayed he'd heard someone coming, but I couldn't imagine who would be out here this time of night. Then I heard what he'd heard. Connie was calling my name in the distance.

I thought he would run, but instead he dragged a knife I hadn't known he had down my left arm leaving a trail of blood. In the same awful whisper, he said, “Thought you'd be saved, did you? Think again. Even if she comes this far, it will take her time to get here.

Five Things about the Book

~ Ali receives a fascinating inheritance.
~ She travels to England to meet her father's family she never knew existed.
~ Her eagerness to meet her relatives, when she thought she was completely without family, leads to unexpected danger.  Almost from the time she arrives murder stalks her every move.
~ She makes friends with a large, unusual cat and a menacing handyman.
~ Not all inheritances turn out to be a blessing.

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